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Tipsiti FAQ Products
What is Tipsiti's culture?

Memes and sh*tposting, but with heart. We've been forced into a "remote first" style of work, and enjoy it, but still wish there was more in-person face time. Once the world opens up again we'll look to do more trips (both for work and social) as a team. We roll our eyes at "rockstars". We're just regular, (somewhat) capable people, afraid of Gen Z like everybody else.

What is the work life balance?

This is probably one of those questions where some people might say "ok, not for me." There's 168 hours in a week, so between working on Tipsiti, a shred of a social life, staying healthy, and sleeping... there's not much sleep or socializing.

How many internal meetings were you in last week, and how long did they last?

Just one daily check-in. It's met with resistance by all parties, but we do it anyway.

How do we deal with failure?

As long as whoever is in charge of the AWS bill is paying attention to how much they're charging us, it's fine.


Tipsiti FAQ Places
How would you gauge your technical debt?

Right now, non-existent.

Am I allowed to have side projects that I own?

Yes, of course.

What's your tech stack?

If you have to ask...

What tools do you use internally?

Discord, Trello, Google Suite,, Vercel, Cloudflare, and a web of ad tech hell.


Tipsiti FAQ People
What kind of people does Tipsiti look for?

People that are quick to learn by doing. People that are self-aware. People that don't take themselves seriously but also have self-respect. People with perspective who understand life is shades of grey.

What's the usual background or profile?

We do not care about degrees. We do not care about (a lack of) past experience. We do not care about a perfect resume.

We DO care that you made choices in your career that were ethical, wholesome, and for the greater good. We like people that are able to make the best of their circumstances and can stretch a dollar a long way. We try to avoid status oriented types. If you have self-awareness and are real about when and why you worked for someone, then we're also on board.

How much autonomy will I have?

A lot. We don't have all the answers, but resourceful people always find it... "Google + + xyz question".


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