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Sightseeing in Cape Town

Are you looking to explore the vibrant city of Cape Town and take in its breathtaking sights? From iconic Table Mountain to the picturesque Cape Point, this coastal city is a treasure trove of must-see landmarks and attractions. Discover the top sightseeing spots, hidden gems, and expert tips for making the most of your time in Cape Town. What are the best ways to experience Cape Town's natural beauty and rich cultural heritage?

1. Mutual Heights, Cape Town

Mutual Building Design

The tallest building in Africa at the time of its construction. Named for the titular insurance company, Mutual Heights remains a classic example of Art Deco design and architecture. Nowadays it comprises apartments.

2. Cape Town Civic Centre, Cape Town

Civic Centre Architecture

One of the stand-out pieces of Brutalist architecture in the city, the Civic Centre almost defines the Foreshore. Serves as the headquarters of the City of Cape Town, the municipality that governs Cape Town and its surrounding suburbs.