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Places in Dublin

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1. Enniskerry, Dublin

Enniskerry  Waterfalls

Picturesque rural town in County Wicklow. The area is known for its postcard-perfect cottages and traditional architecture. Surrounding nature is also abundant, including Powerscourt Waterfall - the second highest in Ireland.

2. Dalkey, Dublin

Dalkey - County Dublin View

Coastal suburb of Dublin that was founded as a Viking port. Now, the resort town is known for its affluence, boutiques, traditional-chic eateries, and coastal walks. Spend an afternoon and watch the fishermen haul in the catch of the day.

3. Malahide, Dublin

Malahide Castle

Just north of Dublin, this affluent area is best known for its namesake castle and impressive stretch of coastline. Here, visitors can also find a charming town with plenty of independent stores, restaurants, and pubs.

4. Toner's Pub, Dublin

Toner's Pub

Dating to 1734, this is one of Dublin’s oldest pubs. Well-known and visited by many over the years, this watering hole retains many of its traditional features and has an outdoor beer yard that is especially busy during the summer months.

5. The Temple Bar, Dublin

The Temple Bar View

Arguably Dublin's most famous pub and a hub of its namesake neighborhood (proportionately frequented by toursits). Sink a few pints or sample from the extensive whiskey collection - it comprises over 450 blends and is Ireland's largest.

6. County Meath, Dublin

County Meath 1

Rural county in Eastern Ireland known for its sweeping plains, rich history, and world-renowned archeological sites. The tombs of Newgrange and Knowth are dotted with prehistoric art, while Ireland’s largest castle sits at Trim.

7. Brú na Bóinne, Dublin

Brú Na Bóinne

Also known as the Boyne Valley tombs, Brú na Bóinne is one of the world’s most important prehistoric landscapes. A human settlement dating back 6000 years, the site exhibits Megalithic graves, standing stones, and more.

8. Bloomsday Festival, Dublin

Bloomsday Festival Show

Long-standing tradition to celebrate the life and work of novelist James Loyce. Held every July, the festival comprises an afternoon of spoken word pieces, songs, other performances, and pub crawls.

9. Glendalough, Dublin

Glendalough - County Wicklow

Glendalough draws visitors for its monastic history, valleys, misty lakes, and verdant hills. A favored location amongst photographers for sunrise and sunset shoots. Walking trails are abundant - a place to be immersed in nature.

10. Galway International Arts Festival, Dublin

Galway International Arts Festival

For two weeks in July, this arts festival takes over the riverside city of Galway. It transforms into a vibrant arts festival busting with life and color - offering visitors music in circus tents, visual arts, and local food stands.

11. St. Patrick’s Day, Dublin

St. Patrick’S Day 1

This cultural and religious day is celebrated worldwide, although any “Paddy” will tell you, no one does it like the Irish! The festival lasts five days and involves street parades, street performances, music, and sinking a few pints.

12. Fish Shop, Dublin

Fish Shop Plate

Freshly sourced take on a fish and chip shop that does away with the take-away formula. This popular spot upgrades to a modern table service restaurant and pairs the British favorite with a selection of local wines.

13. Dún Laoghaire, Dublin

Dún Laoghaire - County Dublin

Coastal town to the southeast of Dublin - a destination for those interested in the Natural Maritime Museum. The busy harbor is also a good spot to walk after having indulged in some locally-caught fish and chips.

14. Hugo's, Dublin

Hugo's Dish

Painted in bright blue, this bistro is (quite literally) unmissable. With French twists on Irish classics, all served within a high-end pub aesthetic. This eatery is a hit with locals and beyond. Dive into the extensive wine list too.

15. County Dublin, Dublin

County Dublin 2

Ireland's most populous county, holding nearly a third of its residents. The region features parks, valleys, and 170 kilometers of prehistoric coastline, as well as the offerings of Dublin itself. Plentiful day trips throughout.

16. Grogan's Castle Lounge, Dublin

Grogans Castle Lounge Front

A local institution, Grogan's is a favored spot for drinks, conversation, and art viewing. The pub exhibits a range of local artwork, all of which is for sale. Here, toasties are a popular accompaniment to a Guinness or two.

17. Howth, Dublin


Coastal village on its namesake peninsula, constituting the northern boundary of Dublin Bay. With a storied history, the area is known for its waterfront landscapes, walking trails, golf courses, lighthouses, and fishing trade.

18. County Wicklow, Dublin

County Wicklow View

Nicknamed the "Garden of Ireland". A location for outdoor lovers - here, mountains overlook coastline vistas as visitors ramble through the Wicklow National Park. Other highlights include Glendalough and the county's coastal towns.

19. Guinness Storehouse, Dublin

Guinness Storehouse

An immersive exhibition dedicated to one of Ireland's most famous exports. The Storehouse was originally built as a fermentation plant. Now, the attraction is a tell-all of Guinness' history. Pour a pint, drink, and learn.

20. Peruke & Periwig, Dublin

Peruke & Periwig Drink

Cocktail bar with a classic, old-world charm. Here, expert mixologists serve music-inspired cocktails whilst guests lounge on velvet-clad seats. A concise but quality food menu gives the option of enjoying dinner before drinks.

21. Vintage Cocktail Club, Dublin

Vintage Cocktail Club Cocktail

A nod to the speakeasy bars of years prior, Vintage Cocktail Club does little to shout of its existence. Those that do find the venue, though, enjoy high-end cocktails in a candlelit setting. A place to appreciate well-made drinks.

22. Wexford Festival Opera, Dublin

Wexford Opera Festival

Through October and November, the town of Wexford hosts the Wexford Festival Opera. The event strives to showcase neglected works and international talents. Between performances, the area itself comes alive with full bars and restaurants.

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