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Places in Milan

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1. Langosteria Bistrot, Milan

Langosteria Bistrot Dish

A selection of prime seafood in the heart of Milan. Some of the restaurants most popular dishes include tuna toast with spaccatelle appetizer, and the Catalan-style king crab main course. Regardless of food choice, expect stellar service.

2. 1930, Milan

1930 Interior

1930 takes the idea of speakeasy secrecy seriously - even Google Maps can't pinpoint its location. Still, the venue has earned renown, being lauded as one of the world's best. Track the bar down through word of mouth and enjoy.

3. Dal Bolognese, Milan

Dal Bolognese

A restaurant that first saw success in Rome, Dal Bolognese's Milan iteration has received equal praise. Set within a Milanese courtyard, the venue serves a menu of Emilian cuisine - from Lasagne alla Bolognese to boiled meats.

4. Trattoria de la Trebia, Milan

Trattoria De La Trebia Food

Trattoria de la Trebia serves a plethora of classic Italian cuisine - though, its grilled meats menu and extensive wine collection are often the reason for return visits. Detour via both the restaurant's wine cellar and meat display.

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