Places in Shanghai

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1. Hangzhou, Shanghai

Hangzhou Sky

The capital of Zhejiang province, Hangzhou lies at the southernmost end of China's famous Grand Canal. Local highlights include the famous bridges of West Lake and the Yue Fei Temple. The city is also renowned for its historic silk trade.

2. Amanyangyun, Shanghai

Amanyangyun 1

Situated within a camphor forest outside of Shanghai, this tranquil resort blends modern minimalism with Ming and Qing dynasty architecture. Amenities include a spa, three restaurants, and a chic bar - be prepared for luxury and leisure.

3. Sober Company, Shanghai

Sober Company Exterior

Renowned leisure venue offering three distinct experiences: small plates at the ground-floor Sober Café, modern Chinese cuisine at Sober Kitchen, and creative cocktails at Sober Society on the upper floor. The latter shines brightest.

4. Putuo Mountain, Shanghai

Mount Putuo - Lake

Putuo Mountain is an island and national park accessed by ferry from the mainland. The site is famous for its many Buddhist Temples and luscious grounds. Best visited during the week to avoid crowds - Buddhist holidays are busy too.

5. Baoshan District, Shanghai

Baoshan District

Traditional district north of Shanghai's city center, nestled between Jiading and the Changjian estuary. Jinji Ancient Town and the Baoshan Museum are hotspots for both locals and non-Shanghainese looking to soak up some culture.

6. Nanjing, Shanghai

Nanjing - Green trees

The capital of China’s eastern Jiangsu province, Nanjing offers historical sites and modern attractions. See the Zifeng Tower, the 7th tallest building in the world, the Xinjiekou shopping hub, and the Nuishoushan Cultural Centre.

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