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Outdoor Drinks in Sydney

Are you looking for the best spots to enjoy outdoor drinks in Sydney? Look no further! Sydney is home to a plethora of bars, rooftop terraces, and waterfront venues where you can sip on cocktails and soak up the sunshine. From iconic beachside bars to hidden alleyway gems, we've got you covered with the ultimate guide to outdoor drinking in Sydney. Ready to discover your new favorite outdoor drinking spot?

1. The Potting Shed, Sydney

The Potting Shed - Outdoor

The Potting Shed is an inner-city resto-bar. Whilst the eclectic venue serves a host of lunch and dinner plates, it's biggest draw is its plant-crowded garden. Visit for alfresco beer and cocktails, and grab a plate or two if peckish.

2. Coogee Pavilion, Sydney

Coogee Pavilion

Coogee Pavilion's menu features Mediterranean fare alongside burgers and pizza. Though, the real draw are the views over Coogee Beach. Grab an afternoon cocktail and commandeer one of the outdoor tables - terrace or ground floor.