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Parks & Nature in Sydney

Are you looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Sydney's city life and immerse yourself in nature? Sydney is home to a variety of stunning parks and natural spaces perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. From the iconic Royal National Park to the picturesque Botanic Gardens, there is no shortage of green spaces to explore in this beautiful city. Looking for the best bushwalks in Sydney? Look no further as we highlight some of the top trails to discover in this guide.

1. Wendy Whiteley's Secret Garden, Sydney

Wendy's Garden - Old Tree

Rather one of the worst kept secrets in Sydney, Wendy's Secret Garden is a haven of shaded pathways, reclaimed sculptures, and an abundance of lush flora. The garden overlooks Lavender Bay and is an ideal setting for strolls and picnics.

2. Wollemi National Park, Sydney

Wollemi National Park

Wollemi is a large national park located north of Sydney and west of Newcastle. The park supports a wealth of flora and fauna. Visitors can partake in hiking, camping, canoeing, kayak tours, and explore its resident glow worm tunnel.

3. Kanangra-Boyd National Park, Sydney

Kanangra-Boyd National Park - View

Kanangra-Boyd National Park sits 180 kilometers west of Sydney, adjacent with the Blue Mountains. There are some great hiking and biking trails to explore, along with campsites for those who want to be fully immersed in nature.

4. Store Beach, Sydney

Store Beach - View

Not easy to reach but worth the trip. Renting a boat or kayak is the only way to discover this beach, making the journey part of the fun. Not a congested spot, and remains undeveloped.

5. Royal National Park, Sydney

The Royal National Park Beach

Royal National Park is located just south of Sydney and comprises both coastal and inland landscapes. The park's hiking trails are headlined by its popular coastal track. Can be accessed by train direct from Sydney.

6. Blue Mountains National Park, Sydney

Blue Mountains National Park Sydney

Sandstone ridges and native Australian bushland just a few hours from the concrete bustle of inner-city Sydney. The Blue Mountains National Park is one of New South Wales' premier wilderness spaces. Visit to hike, bike, and climb.