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Weekend Trips in Sydney

1. Central Coast, Sydney

Central Coast - Beach

The Central Coast, located between Sydney and Newcastle, is a hotspot for both tourists and locals. The area boasts a bevy of beaches, surf locations, and diverse towns - reason enough for Sydney natives to pay frequent visits.

2. Wollongong, Sydney

Wollongong - Road

Wollongong is a smaller city on the coast, south of Sydney. There are some great beaches for surfing and swimming, along with great hiking trails through picturesque scenery. Easily accessible by train journey or roadtrip.

3. Newcastle, Sydney

Newcastle View

About a three hour train from Sydney is the city of Newcastle - a great destination for beaches, scenic walking trails, eateries, and bars. Also, be sure to check out The Bogey Hole, an ocean pool carved from rock by convicts.

4. Alice Springs, Sydney

Welcome to Alice Springs Sign

A gateway to Australia's outback, Alice Springs garners foot-traffic from those exploring the Red Centre's landscapes - from desert ranges, to the somewhat nearby Uluru. Though a small town, Alice Springs is lively and culturally dense.