Places in Tel Aviv

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1. Haifa, Tel Aviv


100 kilometers north of Tel Aviv, this port city dates back 3000 years and has earned recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Home to the Baha’i shrine, two world-class universities, and much more - it’s worth a trip.

2. Jaffa, Tel Aviv


Jaffa, or “Yafo” in Hebrew, is the original settlement from which Tel Aviv was born. Its lanes and maze-like passageways tell its history like no other. The flea market is the hub of this community, selling handcrafted and unique wares.

3. Mount Carmel National Park, Tel Aviv

Mount Carmel National Park 3

Israel’s largest national park, stretching over the Carmel Mountain range - a sight to behold. A firm favorite amongst hikers, this park offers trails for all ability levels across its green-laden rock expanse.

4. Jerusalem, Tel Aviv

Jerusalem View

One of the oldest cities in the world. Twice destroyed and captured 44 times, this city is now a much calmer place to visit. A place for solitude, contemplation, and connection, visitors often leave a little wiser.

5. Caesarea, Tel Aviv

Caesarea Sea

Coastal town that inherits its name from a former Roman port, just 45 minutes from Tel Aviv. Famous for its amphitheater. On the same site, visitors can explore an archeological park housing the remains of a hippodrome and sculptures.

6. Dead Sea, Tel Aviv

Dead Sea Israel

The lowest point on land (1414 feet below sea level) and the second saltiest body of water on earth – the high salt-to-water ratio makes visitors float on the surface. People flock from all over the world to experience this natural wonder.

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