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Products in Cape Town

1. Float Apparel T-Shirt, Cape Town

Yellow Float Apparel T-Shirt Surfer Boxy Fit

Float Apparel represents the youth of today. Instead of succumbing to the societal norm, they prefer rather follow a passion, create dreams and have fun. Float T-Shirts are designed and made in Cape Town.

2. Skoon Skin Dream Duo, Cape Town

Clean and kind skincare. Revived and refined African Beatty secrets

Dream team Skoon Skin duo. Vitamin C and Vitamin A brighten skin and stimulate new collagen bundles.

3. Dear Rae Stackable Rings, Cape Town

Dear Rae stackable rings jewelry necklaces pendants solid metal and jewels

Stacking bands encourage self-expression, allowing you to layer and curate your favourite jewels in a way that is uniquely yours. Available in 9ct yellow, rose, and gold as well as sterling silver.