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Lunch Spots in Barcelona

Are you looking for the best lunch spots in Barcelona to satisfy your cravings while exploring the city? From traditional tapas bars to trendy beachside restaurants, Barcelona offers a wide range of dining options for every palate. Whether you're seeking authentic Spanish cuisine or global flavors, this guide will help you discover the top lunch spots in Barcelona. Ready to indulge in a culinary adventure in the heart of Catalonia?

1. Kak Koy, Barcelona

Kak Koy Food

Of Shuka fame, Chef Hideki Matsuhisa's offering in Kak Koy brings sushi and Japanese fare to the city of Barcelona. Expect a selection of alluring small plates fresh off the robata grill.

2. Cafè Godot, Barcelona

Cafe Godot Eggs

A cozy bistro in low-key Gràcia with a menu that serves flavors from around the world. Variety does not come as substitute for quality - from classic brunch, to Thai green curry and French cuisine, each dish is well-made.

3. Estimar, Barcelona

Estimar Caviar

At Estimar, it's hard to know if the diners are eating in the kitchen, or if the kitchen is in the dining room. What is known though, is the quality of the menu. Fresh, local seafood arrives everyday and is prepared in a variety of ways.

4. Bistro Levante, Barcelona

Bistro Levante Menu

This little leafy enclave in the Gothic Quarter serves up Mediterranean fare that is generous in flavour, yet simple and light. Whatever dish of choice, enjoy it with hummus and any one of their soft breads.

5. Can Maño, Barcelona

Can Maño Fish

No bells and whistles, just good 'ol Catalan fresh fish. Arrive hungry as the portions are sizable, and the prices are low. It's a local favorite, so there may be a wait, but the grilled calamari will make it all worthwhile.

6. Can Travi Nou, Barcelona

Can Travi Nou Paella

Absolutely gorgeous restaurant set in a 1600s farmhouse with a shaded terrace perfect for outdoor summer nights. Food highlights include excellent calcotadas, paella, black rice, and codfish. Worth visiting just for the experience.

7. Elsa y Fred, Barcelona

Elsa Y Fred Food

Gastrobar inspired by a wealth of flavours, Elsa y Fred has become a favored eatery and watering hole. Popular throughout the day, but most alive during lunch hours. Don't leave without trying the humble but mighty patatas bravas.

8. The Green Spot, Barcelona

The Green Spot Interior

With its minimalist interiors, this is one of the slickest cafes in a city filled with slick cafes 😍. As the name suggests, The Green Spot does vegetarian and vegan dishes.