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Lunch Spots in Seoul

Are you looking for the best lunch spots in Seoul to satisfy your cravings? From traditional Korean cuisine to international fare, Seoul offers a diverse range of dining options perfect for your midday meal. Whether you're in the mood for bibimbap in a cozy local eatery or a trendy fusion dish in a bustling neighborhood, this guide will help you discover the top lunch spots in Seoul. Wondering where to find the best samgyeopsal (Korean BBQ) for lunch in Seoul? Keep reading to find out!

1. Jungsik, Seoul, Seoul

Jungsik Plates

Two-Micehlin-starred restaurant with locations in Seoul and New York serving contemporary Korean cuisine. Fine dining at its best - the tasting menu showcases creative takes on traditional dishes. An upmarket venue.

2. Mokmyeoksanbang, Seoul

Mok Myeok San Bang Food

This casual eatery specializes in the famous Korean dish, bibimbap - rice mixed with vegetables and Korean hot sauce. Diners can choose from several types of bibimbap topped with various meats.

3. Joo Ok, Seoul

Joo Ok Table

This fine-dining restaurant is well deserving of its two Michelin stars. Homemade vinegars are served to pique the appetite, and the ensuing tasting menu offers a contemporary take on traditional Korean cuisine.

4. Osegye Hyang, Seoul

Ose Gye Hyang Plates

With Korean cuisine being somewhat meat and seafood heavy, it be hit and miss when finding vegan or vegetarian-friendly restaurants. This casual restaurant is one of the best, serving Korean dishes with exclusively vegan ingredients.

5. Hwanggeum Kongbat, Seoul

Hwanggeum Kongbat Table

Hwanggeum Kongbat may contain a humble interior, but patrons don't come for the décor. The food is so good, The Michelin Guide has even written about it. The menu highlight is tofu - homemade by the owner every morning.

6. Plant Cafe , Seoul

Plant Meal

Plant have created a vegan menu with dishes from around the globe. From African stew to mushroom burgers - there is something for everyone. Don't pass up on dessert either, the cakes come with rave reviews.