Neighborhoods in Budapest

Are you looking to explore the diverse and vibrant neighborhoods of Budapest? From the historic charm of Castle Hill to the trendy bars and cafes of the Jewish Quarter, Budapest offers a neighborhood to suit every traveler's interests. Discover the best places to eat, shop, and sightsee in the Hungarian capital's unique districts. What are the must-see neighborhoods in Budapest for first-time visitors?

1. Castle Hill, Budapest

Castle Hill

The cultural epicenter of Budapest is headlined by the Buda Castle, The Hungarian National Gallery, and The Budapest History Museum. With fairytale-like architecture around each corner, visitors may need more than an afternoon here.

2. Belváros (Inner City), Budapest

Belváros (Inner City) Street

Belváros is a neighborhood in District V known for its high-end hotels, bustling nightlife, and boutiques clustered around the aptly nicknamed "Fashion Street". Expect a high concentration of tourists here.

3. Kőbánya (District X.), Budapest

Kobanya - Temple

Kőbánya is home to People's Park, the largest public park in Budapest. Another leisure site is Bánya-tó Park, which centers around what was previously a mining lake. Dreher Beer Museum and Polish Museum offer interesting exhibits.

4. Aquincum, Budapest

Aquincum (Northern Part Of District Iii)

Formerly an ancient Roman city now found within Budapest city limits. Visit the Aquincum Museum for more artifacts, including a reconstruction of the hydraulic system. Also, wander through the connected archaeological park.

5. Józsefváros (District VIII.), Budapest

Józsefváros (Joseph Town) (District Viii) 3

Józsefváros, or Josephtown, is home to the National Museum, a neo-classical building which includes the National History Museum. Popular with students for its cafés and pizzerias, the area also boasts Rákóczi Market Hall and Orczy Garden.

6. Csepel (District XXI.), Budapest

Csepel (District XXI.) Lake

Located at the northern end of its namesake island, Csepel is home to culture and leisure stops such as beautiful churches, the Local History Museum, Csepel Gallery, and Katalin Fishing Lake. Visit in October for the Csepel Beer Festival.

7. Ferencváros (District IX.), Budapest

Ferencváros (Francis Town) (District Ix) 1

Rapidly developing suburb with sights such as the Museum of Applied Arts, Market Hall, and the National Theater. The busy areas of Ferenc körút and Haller utca are teeming with cafés, restaurants, and choice places for craft beers.

8. Angyalföld (District XIII.), Budapest

Angyalföld (District Xiii) 2

Residential neighborhood featuring contemporary art galleries and global dining options, such as sushi bars, noodle shops, and curry houses. The district also includes Margaret Island - a landmark in its own right.

9. Újlipótváros, Budapest


Residential tree-lined neighborhood on the eastern banks of the Danube. Pozsonyi Road is a bohemian hangout with bookstores, galleries, and coffee shops. Head to Budapest Jazz Club on the weekend to mingle and converse with locals.

10. Hegyvidék (District XII.), Budapest

Hegyvidék (District Xii) 1

Hilly and green, the forests of suburb Hegyvidék make it a popular scene for hikers. Natural sites to visit include the Fácános Garden and Városmajor Park, with walking tours available at the Buda Protected Landscape Area.

11. Erzsébetváros (District VII.), Budapest

Erzsébetváros (District VII.)

This small district harbors the Jewish Quarter and a variety of ornate buildings from the 19th century. Among its many attractions are the Dohány Street Synagogue, the popular Theater Madác, and Szimpla Kert.

12. Belváros, Budapest

Downtown Budapest - View

Budapest's center of culture, business, and leisure. A relaxed walk will take visitors through various sights such as Váci Street for shopping, the Saint George Serbian Orthodox Church, Károlyi-kert Park, antique bookstores, and cafes.