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Neighborhoods in Buenos Aires

Are you planning a trip to Buenos Aires and looking for the best neighborhoods to explore? Look no further! Buenos Aires is a vibrant city known for its diverse neighborhoods, each offering its own unique charm and attractions. Whether you're interested in the historic streets of San Telmo, the trendy cafes of Palermo, or the upscale boutiques of Recoleta, there's a neighborhood in Buenos Aires to suit every traveler's taste. Wondering which Buenos Aires neighborhoods are safest for tourists? Keep reading to find out our top recommendations for the best neighborhoods to visit during your trip to Buenos Aires.

1. Centro, Buenos Aires

 Centro Exterior

A district brimming with energy, Centro harbors many of Buenos Aires' popular tourist attractions. From the iconic Florida Street, to the world-famous Teatro Colón. Sights, food, drinks - Centro has it all.

2. La Boca, Buenos Aires

La Boca & Barracas Art

Adjoining neighborhoods in close proximity to the Rio de la Plata estuary. La Boca, specifically, is known for its vibrant street art and working-class heritage - it also harbors La Bombonera, the home of Argentina's Boca Juniors.

3. San Isidro, Buenos Aires

San Isidro Building

A city-neighborhood in northern Buenos Aires - the province's most affluent neighborhood. Noted for its history and charm, San Isidro features an abundance of colonial houses that overlook the Rio de la Plata estuary.

4. Balvanera, Buenos Aires

Balvanera Street

A neighborhood that encapsulates the grandeur and history of Buenos Aires - Balvanera boasts an impressive array of marble-clad architecture and recognisable monuments. Foot traffic is plentiful, as are eateries, bars, and shops.