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Dinner Spots in Buenos Aires

Looking for the perfect dinner spot in Buenos Aires to experience the vibrant culinary scene of Argentina's capital city? From trendy rooftop bars with stunning city views to cozy parrillas serving up traditional Argentine steaks, Buenos Aires offers a diverse range of dining options to suit every taste and budget. Whether you're craving authentic empanadas or wanting to indulge in a multi-course tasting menu, discover some of the best dinner spots in Buenos Aires here. Looking for the best steakhouse in Buenos Aires?

1. Sucre, Buenos Aires

Sucre Dish

High-brow bar and grill that focuses on using organic and seasonal ingredients. First, enjoy dishes like the Patagonian ceviche, classic ossobuco risotto, and wild mushroom tiraditos. Then, follow up with some wine or a pink negroni.

2. El Palacio de la Papa Frita, Buenos Aires

El Palacio De La Papa Frita Food

Highly popular Argentine restaurant. Serves export-quality steaks alongside generous portions of potatoes. Try their soufflé fried potatoes that are triple-fried at three temperatures, as well as the bife de chorizo.

3. Rotisería Miramar, Buenos Aires

Miramar Food

Situated in the beautiful Plaza Cecilia Grierson, this restaurant offers a variety of extraordinary dishes including escargots, rabbit, and cunillo. The wine list, and further drinks menu, is impressive.

4. El Preferido de Palermo, Buenos Aires

El Preferido De Palermo Table

Said to be one of Latin America's best. A relaxed neighborhood restaurant housed within a pink-painted build. The head chef creates classic small plates, which can be enjoyed with a glass of natural vino from the exclusive wine list.

5. Crizia, Buenos Aires

Crizia Seafood

Provides a modern and innovative culinary experience that combines signature Argentine cuisine with seasonal products. Start a meal with dishes like the Rockefellers, or the Dijon-braised rabbit.

6. Mishiguene, Buenos Aires

Mishiguene Plate

Fine dining restaurant in Palermo. Features traditional Jewish dishes with a modern twist - think bone-in pastrami and sous vide gefilte fish. The space is sleek, with plush furniture and dim lighting. Ideal for intimate dining.

7. Sootovoce, Buenos Aires

Sootovoce Food

Proven Italian restaurant offering all the classics: Bolognese, gelato, flans, and more. Earmarked by many for its great service - make a reservation as it can get very busy. Visit for either lunch or dinner.

8. Fervor, Buenos Aires

 Fervor BBQ

A tried and tested steakhouse boasting a traditional-nostalgic ambiance. Fervor's chefs dry-age and charcoal-grill the meat, which results in incredibly tender, smoky, and flavorful steaks. Save room for dessert too.

9. Pizzería Banchero, Buenos Aires

Banchero Pizza

A renowned hangout for Boca supporters before the Sunday evening games. They specialize in a light and crispy pizza base that is topped with a variety of toppings. Pizzería Banchero also serves Argentine dishes like fugazzeta.

10. Don Julio, Buenos Aires

Don Julio Food

Known for its top-quality grass-fed beef - meat that earned the restaurant its place in Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants. Try their ribeye steak, filet mignon, or New York strip. Check out their sautéed spinach as a side dish.

11. La Carnicería, Buenos Aires

La Carniceria Food

Small, meat-centric restaurant that packs a punch when it comes to reviews. Vamped up editions of Argentine steakhouse dishes. Opt for the cut of the day - it'll be large enough to share - and absolutely book ahead.

12. Elena, Buenos Aires

Elena Food

An upmarket steakhouse in downtown Buenos Aires with an open-plan kitchen, and a focus on traditional Porteño cuisine. Their beef is dry-aged and grass-fed, the charcuterie and gelato are made in-house, and the wine list is top draw.

13. La Mar Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires

La Mar Plate

Offers Peruvian dishes that are bursting with freshness and flavor. The menu features a variety of ceviches made with sustainably-caught seafood, as well as other Peru-inspired dishes like the three-pepper sole tiradito.

14. Los Inmortales, Buenos Aires

Los Immortales Pizza

A casual nook for lunch or dinner with friends and family. The menu features classic pizzas and other Italian dishes, as well as a variety of salads and gelato for dessert.

15. Gran Dabbang, Buenos Aires

Gran Dabbang - Food and wine

This Argentine restaurant takes inspiration from Southeast Asian and Indian cuisines to create its bold dishes - flavors that have earned it commendation from "The World's 50 Best" list. Expect a cozy setting and good food.

16. El Obrero, Buenos Aires

El Obrero Front

Classic Argentine cantina serving hearty pasta and beef dishes. The food is of high quality, though remains affordable. A place mostly unchanged since opening in 1954 - take time to muse the nostalgic wall décor.

17. Casa Cavia, Buenos Aires

Casa Cavia Food

An elegant eatery housed in a historic 1927 building. Some of the highlights include fruit-infused and botanical creations such as the Duranzo, the Casacadia, and the Flor de Malbec.

18. Chila, Buenos Aires

Chila Fruit

An ever-evolving gastronomic experience. One of the city's most celebrated restaurants, housed within a former grain warehouse. Offers a spectacular view of the Río Darsena Sur river, and has a sleek and stylish interior.

19. Happening, Buenos Aires

Happening Food

Food and drink with superlative views of the Rio de la Plata. A restaurant with over 50-years experience. Both menus - food and drink - are extensive. The steaks come with great reviews.

20. Il Matterello Palermo, Buenos Aires

Il Matterello Ristorante Plate

Successful, and popular, Italian restaurant in Buenos Aires' Palermo district. Serves a variety of pasta, meat and fish-based dishes, and desserts. Visit to satisfy any cravings for tagliatelle and tiramisu.

21. Parrilla La Brigada, Buenos Aires

La Brigada Food

Offers an extensive menu of starters and beef cuts. Friendly service and a cozy atmosphere combine with elegant décor and impressive views - a venue for both casual dinners and special occasions. Harbors over 60,000 different wine labels.

22. Chori, Buenos Aires

Chori Burger

Offers a modern take on the choripán sausage sandwich. The walls are adorned in colorful cartoon pop art, making it impossible to miss. Check out the chori poutine, tacos, and burger.