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Live Entertainment in London

Looking for an unforgettable night out in London? Look no further than the vibrant live entertainment scene that the city has to offer. From world-class theater productions in the West End to intimate music venues showcasing up-and-coming artists, London has something for everyone. Are you wondering where to find the best live entertainment in London? Let us guide you to the hottest spots in town.

1. Henley Royal Regatta, London

Henley Royal Regatta Island

A world-famous sporting event, the Henley Royal Regatta features over 300 races across six days of competition. The regatta draws large crowds and boasts a lively atmosphere - dress to impress and enjoy the event's races.

2. Cheltenham Literature Festival, London

Cheltenham Literature Festival Entrance

This is a pilgrimage for literature fiends. Cheltenham is the world's oldest literature festival, and its legacy means they bring in the world's best authors for lectures and forums. There's also lots to enjoy for little book lovers 📚.

3. Cambridge Folk Festival, London

Cambridge Folk Festival London

One of the longest-running folk festivals in the world, having been founded in 1965. Music is the primary focus, but the event also brings together an eclectic mix of artists and creatives. Food and drink options throughout.

4. BFI London Film Festival, London

Bfi London Film Festival

The country's largest film festival, the BFI event spans two weeks in October and showcases hundreds of works from filmmakers all over the world. While the event is heavily attended by industry professionals, it is also open to the public.