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Live Entertainment in Portland

Are you looking for exciting live entertainment in Portland to spice up your weekend plans? Look no further! From intimate jazz clubs to vibrant concert venues, Portland offers a diverse array of options to satisfy any music lover's cravings. Whether you're into local bands, stand-up comedy, or theater performances, this dynamic city has something for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Let's explore the best live entertainment Portland has to offer!

1. Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Portland

Oregon Shakespeare Festival The Stage

For a number of years after its inception in 1935 Oregon Shakespeare Festival only staged Shakespearean plays. They have since expanded to include a mix of classics, musicals, and world-premiere plays across their three theaters 🎭.

2. Portland Winter Light Festival, Portland

Portland Winter Light Festival Dragon

The city comes alight in new and exciting ways as pop-up installations adorn the streets, window-fronts, and businesses. It makes for a great way of exploring the city, for tourists and locals alike. Usually in February.