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Arts & Culture in Marrakech

Welcome to Marrakech, a city renowned for its rich arts and culture scene. From vibrant street art to traditional music and dance, Marrakech offers a melting pot of creativity and tradition. Explore the historic medina, bustling with colorful souks and talented artisans, or immerse yourself in the contemporary art galleries and museums scattered throughout the city. Looking for the best places to experience Marrakech's arts and culture? Keep reading to discover the top must-see attractions and events. What are the most famous art galleries in Marrakech?

1. Musée Berbère, Marrakech

Musée Berbère Blue

Museum devoted to Berber culture and art. Its permanent exhibition houses hundreds of costumes, craftwork, jewels, and instruments from the 18th century onwards. Set within the beautiful yet selfie-centric Jardin Majorelle.

2. Maison de la Photographie, Marrakech

Mason De La Photographie Interior

Museum dedicated to showcasing the diversity of Morroco through a photographic lens. Much of the resident collection was shot between 1879 and 1960. Rooftop refreshments with a view of the city are a plus.

3. Comptoir des Mines Galerie, Marrakech

Comptoir Des Mines Galerie

Contemporary art gallery housed within a heritage Art-Deco building. The space focuses on collaborating with artists - from initial concept to realization. Has a range of sculptures, paintings, and art installations on display.

4. Dar Bellarj, Marrakech

Dar Bellarj Gate

Somewhat of a hidden gem, this cultural association offers a wealth of events, exhibitions, and workshops - all with a creative twists. Entry is free, and they also provide calligraphy classes and Sufi music concerts.

5. MACAAL, Marrakech


Independent, not-for-profit museum devoted to contemporary African art. Features rotating exhibitions alongside its permanent collection. A peaceful space passionate about the diversity and creative energy of the African continent.

6. Museum of Music, Marrakech

Museum of Music - Concert

Restored 17th-century building that's been transformed into a museum showcasing Moroccan instruments and music. Also contains a floor dedicated to the painter Abdelhay Mellakh, who was born within the home in 1947.