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Sightseeing in Miami

Discover the vibrant city of Miami through its iconic landmarks and hidden gems with our ultimate guide to sightseeing in Miami. From the stunning beaches of South Beach to the colorful street art of Wynwood Walls, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this tropical paradise. Looking for the best spots to snap a selfie in Miami? We've got you covered with our list of must-visit photo ops in the Magic City.

1. Stiltsville, Miami

Stiltsville - Waterhouse 2

One of Miami's more unique sightseeing landmarks - Stiltsville is a collection of raised shacks and homes built on the sand banks of Biscayne Bay. Only accessibly by water, and visits require a permit.

2. Cape Florida Lighthouse, Miami

Cape Florida Lighthouse Ocean

A relic within the Billy Baggs Cape Florida State Park, the lighthouse has stood for nearly 200 years. Once built for purpose, the building now exists as a cultural landmark and overlooks both the Miami Beach area and the Atlantic Ocean.

3. Miami Beach - South Beach, Miami

Miami Beach - South Beach Ocean

One of the most famous beaches in Miami, and one of the best places in the city to enjoy sun, sand, and water. The surrounding area also offers a great selection of restaurants, shops, and galleries.

4. Wynwood Walls, Miami

Wynwood Walls - Wall art 1

Neighborhood revitalization project focused on graffiti and murals, and now the epicenter of Wynwood's art district. Includes works by established artists like The London Police and eL Seed. Entry is free, obviously - it's street art.

5. Fly's Eye Dome, Miami

Fly'S Eye Dome

Originally designed by renowned architect Buckminster Fuller, this sculpture's prototype was acquired by Craig Robins in 2011. The resulting installation serves as a key element of Miami's Design District. Located in Palm Court.

6. Hollywood Beach Broadwalk, Miami

Hollywood Beach Broadwalk Ocean

Paved promenade that runs parallel to the award-winning Hollywood Beach. Two and a half miles of restaurants, shops, and hotels - all with stunning coastal views. Also a frequent venue for street performances.