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Arts & Culture in Miami

Miami is a vibrant and diverse city known for its rich arts and culture scene. From world-class museums and galleries to colorful street art and lively music festivals, Miami offers a wide range of cultural experiences for locals and visitors alike. Are you wondering where to find the best Cuban art in Miami? Look no further, as we explore the top cultural attractions and events that make this city a hotspot for creativity and expression.

1. World Erotic Art Museum, Miami

World Erotic Art Museum Exterior

Boasts an impressive collection of erotic art, housing over 4,000 works by renowned artists like Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso. The base of the collection are works belonging to Naomi Wilzig, who founded the museum in 2005.

2. Pérez Art Museum Miami, Miami

Perez Art Museum Miami - Pool

Large-scale art museum with views across Biscayne Bay from its location in Maurice A. Ferré Park. The space features both permanent and temporary exhibits from global artists. Leandro Elrich's "Liminal" is a standout through 2023.

3. de la Cruz Collection, Miami

De La Cruz Collection Contemporary Art Space - Interior

30,000-foot art museum born from the personal collection of Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz. The private space also organizes lectures and artist-led workshops for the local community. Free to the public.

4. Bakehouse Art Complex, Miami

Bakehouse Art Complex Interior

This building served as a bakery during Miami's art deco period. It now functions as a contemporary art studio and exhibition gallery for roughly 100 resident and associate artists - both spaces are open to the public.

5. Nina Johnson, Miami

Nina Johnson Art

Named after its founder, this independent art gallery showcases contemporary pieces from established and emerging creators. The multi-format space is dedicated to discovering niche areas of creativity in the art world.

6. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Miami

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens Park

Former villa of a wealthy businessman set on Biscayne Bay. The complex comprises historic decor, sophisticated artwork, detailed architecture, and ten acres of landscaped garden space - the latter features sculptures and grottos.

7. Fredric Snitzer Gallery, Miami

Fredric Snitzer Gallery Art

A well-connected contemporary art space that showcases emerging and mid-career artists - including the likes of Alexander Kroll and Hernan Bas. Bringing cutting-edge art to Miami, the gallery is a great spot for art lovers.

8. Dot Fiftyone Gallery, Miami

Dot Fiftyone Gallery Arts

Gallery recognized for nurturing up-and-coming artists - both local and international. Exhibits are devoted to breaking down geographical borders and cultural gaps; hence the invitation of foreign resident artists.

9. Museum of Contemporary Art, Miami

Museum Of Contemporary Art Red

North Miami-based museum with a 600-piece permanent collection of provocative, contemporary artwork. The "MOCA" also hosts temporary exhibitions alongside popular jazz ensembles on the last Friday of every month.

10. Emerson Dorsch, Miami

Emerson Dorsch Exhibition

Local and minimalist gallery providing an avant-garde art experience. The space celebrates artists from South Florida and strives to be a platform for new creators. A mix of notable and up-and-coming talent.

11. Faena Theater, Miami

Faena Theater Interior

An establishment inspired by Europe's grand opera houses, the Faena Theater serves multiple purposes: a dramatic arts venue, hotel, and a restaurant. The Faena's headline event is its weekly cabaret production.

12. Institute Of Contemporary Art, Miami

Institute Of Contemporary Art Interior

Pushes art forward through experimentation and the trade of artistic ideas. This museum offers visitors an opportunity to see a magnificent collection of artwork, alongside participating in one of many dynamic activities.

13. Rubell Museum, Miami

Rubell Family Collection Mirrors

One of the world's most renowned collections of contemporary art. Among its 7,200 pieces, the museum includes works by some of today's most prominent creators: Cindy Sherman, Cady Noland, and Keith Haring. A landmark venue.

14. The Bass Museum, Miami

Bass Museum Interior

Named in honor of the museum's inaugural donators, The Bass museum is now a contemporary art museum featuring international, established artists. The space's goal is bring new perspective to the culture of Miami Beach.