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Weekend Trips in Munich

1. Andechs Monastery, Munich

Andechs Monastery Building

Hilltop monastery colloquially known as the “Holy Mountain of Bavaria." Located just a 40-minute train ride from central Munich. Alongside being a Benedictine pilgrimage center, the site also functions as a restaurant and beer garden.

2. Dachau, Munich

Dachau 1

Suburb town of Munich infamous for its role in the atrocities of the Third Reich. Its haunting museum and memorial serve as a poignant reminder of the lives lost at Dachau's concentration camp. The town itself offers Medieval charm.

3. Füssen, Munich


Bavarian town on the Austria-Germany border. Most day trip to Füssen to view the nearby Neuschwanstein Castle. The town itself also has much to offer: character-filled streets, the High Castle, and ample dining options.

4. Walchensee, Munich

Walchensee - View

Alpine lake south of Munich. Visitors can swim, sail on the lake, or trek the area's wild peaks. A popular destination for adventurous Bavarians. Overlooked by the 1,731-meter Herzogstand summit.

5. Lake Starnberg, Munich

Starnberger See Lake

Large lake southwest of Munich offering crystal blue waters, mountain views, and crisp air. An ideal day trip away from the city. The surrounding settlements are popular vacation destinations during the summer.

6. Regensburg, Munich

Regensburg - View

River city iconic for its twin-spired cathedral, stone bridges, and well-preserved architecture. Regensburg's medieval center was designated a UNESCO Heritage Site in 2006. One of the most popular destinations in Germany.

7. Chiemsee, Munich

Chiemsee - Boats

The largest lake in Bavaria and is renowned for water sports. Trips to the four islands dotted around the lake are popular too, especially during the summer. Chiemsee also has six well-populated towns along its perimeter.

8. Nuremberg, Munich

Nuremberg - Square

The second largest city in Bavaria and famous for its preserved landmarks, 11th-century castle, and cobbled Old Town. Nuremberg's legacy is also firmly entwined with the events of the Second World War.

9. Neuschwanstein Castle, Munich

Neuschwanstein Castle - Castle

World-famous castle built in the 19th century. The complex, commissioned as a royal residence, has since been the source of inspiration for many fairytale castles. Over a million people visit Neuschwanstein every year.

10. Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Munich

Garmisch-Partenkirchen Green

Bavarian ski resort that has been a destination for winter sports lovers for generations. The area is also popular for hiking - Germany's tallest peak (Zugspitze) is located nearby, though the summit can be accessed by a cogwheel train.