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Arts & Culture in Munich

Are you looking to immerse yourself in the vibrant arts and culture scene in Munich? From world-class museums and galleries to stunning architecture and lively festivals, this city has something for every art enthusiast. Whether you're interested in exploring classical masterpieces at the Alte Pinakothek or discovering contemporary works at the Haus der Kunst, Munich offers a diverse range of cultural experiences. Join us as we uncover the best that Munich has to offer for art and culture lovers.

1. Museum Brandhorst, Munich

Museum Brandhorst - Arts

Museum hosting over 200 modern artworks - from paintings and sculptures to photographs and multimedia installations. Brandhorst's collection includes over 100 works from Warhol and Twombly specifically.

2. Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich

Pinakothek Der Moderne Exhibition

One of the largest modern art museums in Europe containing works from four independent collections. Visitors are encouraged to wander between exhibits at will. A sibling gallery of the equally famous Alte Pinakothek.

3. Glyptothek, Munich

Glyptothek - Sculptures

Towering Neoclassical building containing a collection of Greek and Roman sculptures belonging to Ludwig I, the former king of Bavaria. Alongside large casts, the museum exhibits mosaics and reliefs. Some pieces are dated circa 650BC.

4. Haus der Kunst, Munich

Haus Der Kunst - Skins

Public museum without its own collection of artwork. Instead, Haus der Kunst focuses on hosting temporary and traveling exhibitions. The establishment seeks to study the history and story of contemporary pieces.

5. Deutsches Museum, Munich

Deutsches Museum - Interior

The world’s largest science and technology museum exhibiting over 28,000 items. With something for all age ranges, the space features interactive exhibits and offers visitors insight into the inner workings of the world's innovations.

6. Alte Pinakothek, Munich

Alte Pinakothek Gallery

One of the oldest art galleries in the world. The grand Alte Pinakothek features a significant collection of Old Master paintings. Its sibling galleries are the Neue Pinakothek and the Pinakothek der Moderne.

7. Lenbachhaus, Munich

Lenbachhaus - Art

Florentine-style villa housing the Städtische Galerie (Municipal Gallery) in Munich's Kunstareal. Originally built for painter Franz von Lenbach but has been publicly operated since 1929 with recent improvements done by Norman Foster.

8. Schackgalerie, Munich

Schack-Galerie - Art

Museum run by the Bavarian State Picture Collection. Houses a long-standing collection of Romanticism, history, and landscape paintings by such artists as Böcklin and Rottmann. One of the city's foremost art institutions.

9. Museum Villa Stuck, Munich

Museum Villa Stuck - Exterior

Historic house-turned-museum dedicated to the paintings and work of Franz Stuck, a beloved German artist and creative. Designed by Stuck himself, this 1800s villa features classical architecture and an Art Deco interior.