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Outdoor Drinks in New York City

Looking for the best spots in NYC to grab a drink al fresco? Look no further than Outdoor Drinks in New York City! With a plethora of rooftop bars, sidewalk cafes, and beer gardens to choose from, you can sip on your favorite cocktail while taking in the city views. Wondering where to find the best happy hour deals with outdoor seating in the Big Apple? Explore our guide to Outdoor Drinks in New York City to find out!

1. Azul on the Rooftop, New York City

Azul on the Rooftop Evening

Rooftop bar with stunning views of the city, day or night. The drinks are pricey, but arguably worth it for the ambiance and location. It's recommend to book beforehand - getting a seat can sometimes prove tough.

2. Gallow Green, New York City

Gallow Green - Outdoor part

Urban jungle on a rooftop in Manhattan. The terrace venue offers a well-thought-out menu of French dishes alongside a stellar lineup of cocktails and beer. Visit hungry or simply book a table for skyline drinks.

3. Bohemian Hall, New York City

Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden Beer

Indoor beerhall and outdoor garden serving both craft and Czech brews. A great place for social drinks - be it with family or friends. Pair a tankard with either some deep-fried perogies, or a grilled Bratwurst.

4. Nowadays, New York City

Outdoor picnic tables and food trucks at Nowadays

Community, 24 hour parties, food trucks, and underground sound - Nowadays is an indoor-outdoor party venue and social hub. The backyard is a beer garden with picnic tables. Inside is a bar and dance floor. Book tickets for large events.

5. Tailgate Sports Bar, New York City

Outdoor sign

An outdoor sports bar featuring shipping containers, food trucks, and games. You'll need a reservation with a minimum spend for the tables in the back so it's best for big groups.