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Outdoor Drinks in Berlin

Looking for the best spots in Berlin to enjoy outdoor drinks? Discover the top locations to sip on cocktails, beers, and wines while soaking up the sunshine in the vibrant city. From trendy rooftop bars with panoramic views to cozy beer gardens nestled in green spaces, Berlin offers a variety of options for outdoor drinking. Want to know where to find the best happy hour deals in Berlin for outdoor drinks? We've got you covered!

1. Klunkerkranich, Berlin

Klunkerkranich Art

Overrun by tourists but a view is a view and this one is hard to beat so it's worth the wait. Uniquely Berlin in that it's great to bring kids to during the day, but... you can also party here until 4 am.

2. Zosse, Berlin

Zosse Interior

Charming little bar and beer garden hidden down an alleyway in the Rixdorf region of Neukölln. Built into a former blacksmith's workshop, Zosse features an extensive menu of drinks in addition to your usual beer-on-tap staples.

3. Admiralbrücke, Berlin

Admiralbrücke Bridge

Unique and amazing outdoor Berlin spot 🌉 often featuring live musicians. Go around sunset with a few beers and some friends and just take in the atmosphere.

4. Badeschiff, Berlin

Badeschiff View

Perfect place for a tan and a cocktail in the summer. A beach bar and a fine-sand beach in a city. 🏖️ Swimming? Take a dip in their outdoor floating pool in the Spree River. Right next to CDV and a few other clubs.

5. Café am Neuen See, Berlin

Cafe Am Neuen See

A Bavarian style beer garden serving good food & beer in a rustic-chic space with a lake-view. Definitely one of the more posh Berlin beer gardens, but well worth a trip at least once.

6. Prater Biergarten, Berlin

Prater Biergarten

Between here and Cafe am Neuen See you have your idyllic Hollywood painting of a classic southern German style beer garden covered. It's a nice spot that fits the vibe (vibe!!) of Prenzlauer Berg, but also a bit on the pricey side.

7. Holzmarkt, Berlin

Holzmarkt Overview

The ultimate Berlin style beer garden. Perched right on the Spree and the little neighbor to superclub Kater Blau, Holzmarkt has borrowed some of Kater's style and charm to create a one-of-a-kind spot.

8. Berliner Republik, Berlin

Die Berliner Republik Outdoor

Riverside bar and restaurant that prides itself on Berlin specialties, with a wide range of draft beers on tap. Bit of a Mitte tourist spot, so skip the food, but perfectly fine to grab a drink by the river.

9. Bierhof Rüdersdorf, Berlin

Bierhof Rüdersdorf

Unique location not because of where it is, but because of what it's next to (Berghain). If you're there anytime on Saturday or Sunday the soundtrack you'll be listening to is techno. Three levels with some good sunny spots to be found.

10. Birgit, Berlin


Beer garden during the day, bar at night, club in the early morning. Somewhat self-branded as a "magical playground for adults", with three dance floors playing techno to house to everything but, it's basically true.

11. Brauhaus Sudstern, Berlin

Brauhaus Südstern Bar

Bustling microbrewery featuring specialty beers (pitchers even!), hearty dishes, and schnitzels, plus a beer garden. Good spot to catch a soccer game as well.

12. Brlo Brwhouse, Berlin

Brlo Brwhouse Terrace

Modern "American style" brewery. They have a range of IPAs, some decent BBQ options, and plenty of space to have fun and relax.

13. Clärchens Ballhaus, Berlin

Clärchens Ballhaus Entrance

Wonderful beer garden that makes for a charming date night. Have some German-Italian food, enjoy the live music, and take to the ballroom dance floor. If you have two left feet, no worries – they offer dance classes 💃💃💃.

14. Haubentaucher, Berlin

Haubentaucher - Pool

A scene. Pools with a party atmosphere are hard to come by in the summer, so among the slim pickings you're either trying to go here, Badeschiff, or if you know someone, the Soho House. The line can be very long - try and book ahead.

15. The Castle Berlin Mitte, Berlin

Green bar with beer menu and taps

Pub that hosts events like trivia and game nights. Huge selection of craft beers which is nice to mix in with the usual beer garden pilsners. There's an outdoor section and music as well when the weather's nice.

16. Wellenwerk, Berlin

Beer garden photo from above

Compound with a beer garden and surf school (artificial waves!). You may not have come to Berlin to surf, but that doesn't mean you can't catch some waves 🏄🏼.

17. Villa Rixdorf, Berlin

Backyard beer garden of Villa Rixdorf in Neukölln showing green plants and red brick facade

Excellent beer garden in Rixdorf to come and enjoy a beer in the sun. Food options in include German staples, though aren't as recommendable.

18. Pavillon am Ufer, Berlin

Pavillon Am Ufer outdoor seating with green trees in the sun

Little drinks and food stand along the Landwehr Canal in Kreuzberg. Perfect for an outdoor summer morning coffee, afternoon aperitif, or evening drink. In the winter, it's one of the best Glühwein-to-go spots along the water.

19. Dieselhaus, Berlin

Dieselhaus exterior beer garden with Jewish synagogue in the background

Relatively new Mitte brewery with plenty of outdoor seating and a scenic view of the New Synagogue. Wide variety of beers on tap with a friendly and knowledgeable staff available to answer questions.

20. Rosengarten Kulturpavillon, Berlin

a group of people in a park with bicycles and flowers

Outdoor pavilion nestled in a park, offering a peaceful retreat for evening drinks and live DJ sets. The spot caters to those seeking a laid-back atmosphere with music.