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Dinner Spots in Paris

Are you looking for the best dinner spots in Paris to indulge in delectable French cuisine? Look no further! In this guide, we will explore the top dining destinations in the City of Light, from charming bistros to Michelin-starred restaurants. Whether you're craving a classic Coq au Vin or a trendy dish with a modern twist, Paris has something for every palate. Keep reading to discover the must-visit dinner spots in Paris and plan your next culinary adventure in the culinary capital of the world.

1. Chez Marius, Paris

Chez Marius Interior

This old-school restaurant serves French-Italian food in a cozy and friendly environment. The menu and wine list change regularly, so be ready to try something new.

2. Au Passage, Paris

Au Passage Table

French restaurant with a lean towards tapas-style dining. The modern dishes pair well with the venue's selection of natural wines. Cozy atmosphere - an ideal spot for sharing plates with a group of friends.

3. La Crèmerie, Paris

La Crèmerie Exterior

Petit Italian-inspired wine bar serving fresh, comforting, and unique dishes. Their kitchen also offers a selection of cheese and small bites. Perfect to pair.

4. La Butte Aux Piafs, Paris

Butte Aux Plafs Plates

Offers tempero French fusion cuisine, as well as affordable lunch menu items. Expect burgers alongside numerous vegetarian choices. Stunning views of the Auguste Blanqui market can also be enjoyed from the bistro whilst dining.

5. Caviar Kaspia, Paris

Caviar Kaspia Food

A world-renowned caviar house that has been serving luxurious blini, caviar, and smoked seafood dishes since 1927. Their selection of caviar includes some of the rarest and most sought-after varieties from around the world.

6. Aux Deux Amis, Paris

Aux Deux Amis Plate

A wine bar and bistro that is known for its home-cooked meals and natural wines. Try their signature Tortilla de Janine, or the Cheval Tartare - ask the knowledgeable service team about the best wine pairing for each dish.

7. Le Rubis, Paris

Le Rubis - Food and wine

Cozy bistro with a retro feel and a sidewalk terrace. Le Rubis serves traditional French dishes with a focus on seasonal ingredients - take advantage of the natural wine selection too. Dine alfresco when the weather allows.

8. Avant Comptoir de la Terre, Paris

L'Avant Comptoir Exterior

Modern tapas bar with a meat-centric menu and an extensive selection of natural wines. Be prepared, this is a standing-only restaurant.

9. Le Procope, Paris

Le Procope Exterior

The oldest restaurant in Paris serving traditional French cuisine. The beauty is in the ambiance, building, and historic artifacts (Napoleon, Ben Franklin, and more). Can attract a tourist crowd.

10. Foodi Jia-Ba-Buay, Paris

FOODI Jia-Ba-Buay Meal

Cozy Taiwanese restaurant serving traditional dishes alongside European-style desserts. A great spot for casual dining and pan-Asian flavors.

11. Le Voltaire, Paris

Le Voltaire Exterior

Le Voltaire serves exquisite French flavors with a variety of decadent meal options. A visit to this chic Parisian establishment set against the picturesque view of the Seine, and the Louvre Museum is the perfect cap-off for any Paris trip.

12. Mova, Paris

a bowl of dessert on a wooden table

Restaurant blending traditional French cuisine with innovative flair, offering adaptable multi-course menus that cater to various tastes. The atmosphere is inviting, with seasonal focus on fish and vegetables enhancing each dish.