Bars in Tokyo

Are you looking for the best bars in Tokyo to experience vibrant nightlife in the bustling city? Look no further! From hidden speakeasies to futuristic rooftop lounges with stunning views, Tokyo offers a wide range of unique and trendy bars to explore. Join us as we uncover the top bars in Tokyo and guide you through the ultimate drinking experience in this vibrant metropolis. Which bars in Tokyo offer the best cocktails at a reasonable price?

1. Two Rooms Grill Bar, Tokyo

Two Rooms Grill Bar - Outdoor part

Fifth-floor restaurant and bar near Shibuya. The food can be hit or miss. Best to just visit for drinks on the alfresco terrace with sunset views of the Tokyo skyline. Not a priority, but it's a good spot when in Tokyo for a while.

2. The Bellwood, Tokyo

The Bellwood - Bar

Moody atmospheric bar that wouldn’t look out of place in 1920s London. Ignore the shabby chic interior; this award-winning bar serves high-end experimental cocktails with fine food to pair.

3. Bar Trench, Tokyo

Trench - Interior

The drinks are no joke. An intimate setting with space for 15, Bar Trench takes liquor and cocktails very seriously. With professional bartenders and every spirit imaginable, this place is for those who know what to drink.

4. Old Imperial Bar, Tokyo

Old Imperial Bar Interior

Located within Tokyo's Imperial Hotel, pays tribute to Frank Lloyd Wright, the hotel's architect. This magnificent bar features stone and original relics from the 1923 art deco building, which has been replaced.

5. Ben Fiddich, Tokyo

Bar Benfiddich Drink

A bar that honors drinking traditions whilst also innovating. Ben Fiddich take a traditional Japanese approach to cocktails, using a mortar and pestle to infuse herbs and spices into each drink. Expect absinthe and other classic liquors.

6. The SG Club, Tokyo

The SG Club

The SG “Shingo Gokan” club has a well-deserved spot in the top 20 bars in Asia. Now a international institution, this wood-clad bar serves some of the best cocktails Tokyo has to offer.