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Products in Tokyo

1. THE Umbrella, Tokyo

Unique Umbrella

Transparent umbrella made with a fibreglass skeleton and an easily replacable cover fabric.

2. Arts and Sciences Room Shoes, Tokyo

Red Comfortable Slippers

Leather bed slippers made to last, in black, dark brown and wine colourways.

3. Uka Moon Nail Polish, Tokyo

Trendy Nail Polish

Limited edition water-soluble nail paints in playful packaging for kids and adults.

4. Cibone Senufo Stool, Tokyo

Wood Stool

West African wooden stool made by hollowing out a tree trunk.

5. H Beauty and Youth , Tokyo

Blue Shirt

Oversized button-down shirt made in a rich silky nylon fabric.

6. Suicoke Sandals, Tokyo

Nude Comfortable Shoes

Comfy, durable sliders with antibacterial footbed.

7. Reta W Fragrance, Tokyo

Small Fragrance

Luxurious, convenient fragrance sticks in a range of scents.