Markets in Amsterdam

Markets in Amsterdam offer a unique shopping experience with a variety of goods, food, and cultural activities. From famous markets like Albert Cuypmarkt to specialty markets like the Flower Market, Amsterdam's markets cater to all tastes and interests. Are you looking for a specific item or just wanting to explore the local scene? Learn about the top markets in Amsterdam and plan your visit today!

1. Noordermarkt, Amsterdam

Noordermarkt - Shops

On Saturdays and Monday mornings this market opens to sell a variety of goods: including food and produce, vintage items, books, and more. It's a great place to stroll through and find a few Amsterdam keepsakes.

2. Fromagerie Abraham Kef, Amsterdam

Fromagerie Abraham Kef Cheese

A trio of cheese shops that sell a curated collection of goods from some of the country's top producers. Buy a selection of cheeses and other deli goods for a DIY lunch platter. Book in for one of their Sunday cheese tasting sessions too.