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Markets in Mexico City

Are you looking to explore the bustling markets of Mexico City? Look no further! From the vibrant stalls of Mercado de la Merced to the artisanal crafts at Mercado de Coyoacán, Mexico City offers a diverse array of market experiences for every shopper. Discover the unique flavors, sights, and sounds of these iconic markets as we guide you through the top shopping destinations in the heart of Mexico City. Looking for traditional Mexican souvenirs? Let us show you where to find the best deals!

1. Mercado Roma, Mexico City

Mercado Roma Outside

Market and gourmet food hall. Mercado Roma is a three-story venue featuring a variety of food vendors - from artisanal cheese merchants to tapas and Spanish wines. The market's upscale vibe draws a well-to-do crowd.

2. Mercado de Coyoacan, Mexico City

Coyoacán Market Food

Century old market. From fresh produce to crafty items to street food, it really is a must-visit.

3. Mercado el 100, Mexico City

Mercado el 100 Vegetables

By way of its title, Mercado el 100 is an organic farmer's market where all produce hails from within a 100-mile radius of the city. Enjoy wholesome breakfast treats while shopping fresh wares - visit early for the best selection.