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Markets in Berlin

Looking to experience the vibrant and diverse markets in Berlin? From traditional flea markets to trendy food markets, Berlin offers a unique shopping experience for every taste. Are you wondering where to find the best vintage clothing or sample delicious street food in Berlin's bustling markets? Look no further as we explore the top markets in the city and uncover hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

1. Arkonaplatz Market, Berlin

Arkonaplatz - Furniture Shop

Bi-weekly market on Arkonaplatz where Sundays are for second-hand goods and other knick-knacks, while Fridays are for organic food and drink vendors. Quaint and cosy.

2. Taco Tales, Berlin

Taco Tales Carnitas

Berlin struggles with Mexican food in... every way. Taco Tales is one of ~three places that might tithe you over until you're back in the Americas. There is a nice little market in front where pozole, chiles, and other staples are sold.

3. Dong Xuan Center, Berlin

Dong Xuan Center Shopping

Dong Xuan Center is a bargain-hunter's paradise. More than 400 vendors make up this massive site, trading close to anything you can think of. Don't leave without some Vietnamese street food.

4. Markthalle Neun, Berlin

Markthalle Neun Produce

Famous for its "streetfood Thursdays", Markthalle Neun is also a wonderful spot to come pick up fresh produce 🥬 or have a glass of wine 🍷 at during the week. Brunch here on the weekends is also fun with ~50 vendors to poke around at.

5. Ökomarkt am Kollwitzplatz, Berlin

Ökomarkt am Kollwitzplatz View

Exactly what you would expect from a Prenzlauer Berg farmers' market. Everything is organic, perfectly manicured, very high quality and... priced to match. Great to come to to check out, as it's nestled into a nice area (Kollwitzkiez).

6. Wochenmarkt Boxhagener Platz, Berlin

Boxhagener Platz Market Vintage

On Saturdays it's a farmers market with fresh produce, meat, baked good, and flowers 💐. On Sundays it's a flea market. Busy area with wonderful bars, cafes, and restaurants nearby.

7. Galeries Lafayette, Berlin

Galeries Lafayette Spread

Beautiful shopping center filled with luxury brands. It's a French company, so you'll find many little French pastry shops and an overall Parisian vibe 🇫🇷.

8. Super Iberico, Berlin

Super Iberico Inventory

Bit unusual to have an actual supermarket listed as a recommendation, but sometimes in Berlin it can be tricky to find more exotic ingredients. Super Iberico is great for Portuguese and Spanish products. Small kiosk serves lunch as well.