Weekend Trips in Budapest

1. Érd, Budapest

Érd Sunrise

Town with the largest population in Pest County, Érd is home to historical buildings and the Hungarian Geographical Museum. The adjoining Fundoklia Valley is a beautiful landscape also worth a visit.

2. Gödöllő, Budapest

Gödöllő View

A popular spot, Gödöllő's main attraction is Grassalkovich Palace, a baroque mansion built in the 1740s - the palace is a day trip on its own. Other interests include the city's lush green spaces, such as Upper Park and Elizabeth Park.

3. Alcsúti Arboretum Nature Reserve, Budapest

Alcsúti Arboretum Nature Reserve

One of the oldest in Hungary, this 40-hectare reserve is part of the Danube-Ipoly National Park. Nature lovers are welcome to explore sights such as the Alcsút Palace remains, Grotta, and the giant plane tree. Guided tours are available.

4. Visegrád, Budapest

Visegrád - Castle

Visegrád is a castle town distinct for its medieval citadel - the hilltop fortification gives a clear view out across the Danube. The town's Royal Palace is another noted landmark, first built in the 14th century. Nature is ample too.

5. Pomáz, Budapest


Thoroughfare town in Pest with a strong Serbian community. A starting point for trips to the Pilis mountains. Before departing, travellers can visit the Wattay-Teleki-castle - a defunct castle, now used as a music school and venue.

6. Vác, Budapest


Scenic retreat for Budapestians at the foot of the Naszaly Mountain - well connected with the capital. Enjoy walking along the Danube River before diverting to one of the many religious monuments in the town square.

7. Szentendre, Budapest

Szentendre Town

This scenic town is a recommended trip for art lovers. Known for its Baroque architecture, galleries, and many creative stores, Szentendre provides insight into the local art scene.

8. Vácrátót, Budapest

Vácrátót 3

Medieval village steeped in history and turmoil. Once a castle town, now all that remains is the old Manor house. The botanical garden is famous for its collection of biblical and exotic plants.

9. Eger, Budapest

Eger Hotel

A small and charming town, with its beautiful tree-lined Kossuth Lajos Street and the medieval Eger Castle alongside its namesake river. Apart from the castle, the town is known for its thermal baths, medieval buildings, and fine red wine.

10. Pusztavacs, Budapest


Sleepy, rural village south of Pest County, in the heart of the Pusztavac forest - a destination to embrace slow travel. Pusztavacs is also noted as the geographical center of Hungary; the exact point is marked by a pyramid sculpture.

11. Budakeszi, Budapest

Budakeszi Nature

Green area west of Budapest that is popular for its resident Wildlife Park, Dinosaur Park, and the Budakeszi Arboretum. Sights are all within walking distance of town bus stops, making it accessible for day trips.

12. Hungaroring, Budapest

Mogyoród 2

Hungaroring racetrack is the site of the Hungarian Grand Prix. Many racing enthusiasts flock to this automobile mecca as the track hosts car shows, bike races, and running competitions.

13. Esztergom, Budapest

Esztergom 3

On the banks of the Danube river, Esztergom is known best for its namesake basilica - the largest in central Europe. The church is famous for its single-canvas altarpiece and its collection of Hungarian relics.