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Dinner Spots in Hamburg

Are you looking for the best dinner spots in Hamburg for your next night out? Hamburg is home to a diverse dining scene with options ranging from traditional German cuisine to international fare. Whether you're in the mood for seafood along the Elbe River or a cozy meal in the historic Speicherstadt district, Hamburg has something for every palate. Join us as we explore some of the top dinner spots in this vibrant city - where will you be dining tonight?

1. Witwenball, Hamburg

Witwenball Lunch

Provides a menu that is just as eclectic as the building itself - a former 1920s dancing bar. Try their lotus root tempura, or the pancetta, for a pleasant surprise. Boasts a previously-award winning wine list with over 300 labels.

2. Vienna, Hamburg

Vienna Plate

A cozy restaurant serving some of the best Austrian fare in town. Focuses on using fresh and local ingredients, with tripe and offal dishes on offer, as well as more traditional favorites like Wiener Schnitzel.

3. Karo Fisch, Hamburg

Karofisch Sea Food

This compact eatery offers delicious Mediterranean seafood dishes that are ideal for lunch or a hearty dinner. When the weather permits, Karo Fisch's terrace is a great spot to people-watch.

4. Zum Spätzle, Hamburg

Zum Spätzle Food

This compact café has a homey, vintage vibe - which suits its homestyle cooking. Try their spätzle egg noodles and maultaschen pasta dumplings, both of which are traditional dishes of the Swabian cuisine.

5. Bullerei, Hamburg

Bullerei Food

Industrial-chic restaurant that boasts towering ceilings and a vibrant atmosphere. The menu features steaks, and other hearty dishes with Italian flair. Open from midday till late.

6. Otto's Burger, Hamburg

Otto's Burger Food

Popular burger joint with multiple branches throughout the city. Aside from a light salting, Ottos' burgers are made from 100-percent fresh beef. The meat is ethically sourced from small farms on the Lüneburg Heath.

7. Haco, Hamburg

Haco Food

Haco specializes in multi-course Nordic menus featuring balanced dishes made with seasonal ingredients. Perfect for an intimate dining experience, or a luxurious business lunch.

8. Bistro Carmagnole, Hamburg

Bistro Carmagnole Food

The latest hot spot for French haute cuisine in the heart of the city. Signature dishes such as the artichokes and merguez sausages are not to be missed. For main, try the steak tartare.

9. Kokomo Noodle Club, Hamburg

Kokomo Noodle Club Ramen

One of the original ramen spots in Hamburg, and a favorite amongst locals and visitors alike. The menu features all the traditional ramen staples, like shoyu and tonkotsu. Komomo also personally recommends its bulgogi.

10. Ban Canteen, Hamburg

Ban Canteen Food

The perfect spot to enjoy Vietnamese-inspired dishes and refreshing cocktails. Try a light summer roll, or a hearty bowl of pho. Come to think of it, do not forget the pork belly bao bun, which is also a crowd favorite.

11. Dulf's Burger, Hamburg

Dulf's Burger Food

Seriously popular food joint that serves burgers without any preservatives or flavor enhancers. Their beef is sourced from local farms, and they grind it fresh daily to create each patty. Don't miss their crunchy chicken or BBQ burgers.

12. Haebel, Hamburg

Haebel Decor

Charming eatery tucked away in the St Pauli district of Hamburg. Their cuisine is primarily French-inspired, with a few Nordic twists thrown in - like the red mullet, which is perfect when paired with a glass of wine.

13. Kombüse, Hamburg

Kombüse Lunch

Affordable Mexican eatery on the banks of the Elbe. The place to go for tacos, burritos, and enchiladas. Also offers vegetarians options, such as a meatless take on chili con carne. Expect a laidback atmosphere.

14. Hobenköök, Hamburg

Hobenköök plate of pasta with mushrooms and parsley

A regional cuisine restaurant and market that sources its ingredients from local purveyors. The menu varies on a daily basis depending on what may be found at the market, but if it's available, try the marinated trout.

15. Krug, Hamburg

Krug Food

A cozy, candlelit tavern that offers a combination of regional and seasonal dishes. The pickled pumpkin and mussels are perfect when paired with a glass of wine.

16. MOMO Ramen, Hamburg

Momo’S Bowl

A small and laid-back restaurant that offers Japanese ramen made with homemade noodles. The flavors are drawn from local products, and no additives are used in their dishes - there are plenty of vegetarian-vegan option too.

17. Wohlers, Hamburg

Wohlers Lunch

A 19th-century pub noted for its warm atmosphere. Relax with friends over a few draught beers, or try their lamb shank - reports are that it melts in the mouth. The wine list is well-curated too.

18. XeÔm Eatery, Hamburg

Xeom Food

Vietnamese restaurant specializing in light meals, and perfect for family dining. The menu features noodles, rice, and pho entrées, as well as mocktails and iced teas.