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Parks & Nature in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is not just a bustling city filled with tango and steak restaurants - it also has a wealth of parks and natural spaces to explore. From the expansive Bosques de Palermo to the serene Japanese Gardens, there are plenty of opportunities to reconnect with nature in the Argentine capital. Looking for the best spots to escape the urban hustle and bustle in Buenos Aires? Keep reading to discover the top parks and nature attractions in the city! Do you know the best time of year to visit Buenos Aires for outdoor activities?

1. Reserva Ecológica Vicente López, Buenos Aires

Reserva Ecologica Vicente Lopez

This outdoor preserve comprises eight natural habitats: including a swamp, marginal jungle, pasture, lagoon, and more. A place of abundant wildlife and flora. There's a boardwalk that provides access to all areas of the reserve.

2. Tres de Febrero Park, Buenos Aires

Tres de Febrero Park Buenos Aires

One of the most iconic parks in Buenos Aires that features lakes, a rose garden, gazebos, and a sculpture garden. Go for a leisurely stroll, rent a boat and explore the lakes, or work up a sweat on the running paths.