Weekend Trips in Buenos Aires

1. Carlos Keen, Buenos Aires

Carlos Keen Train Station

A small town that feels like it's been frozen in time. A gastronomic hotspot, Carlos Keen is full of tea houses and restaurants serving traditional Argentine cuisine.

2. Iguazu Falls, Buenos Aires

Iguazu Falls Blue

Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Iguaza Falls are one of Argentina's headline landmarks. The falls comprises 275 individual cascades, which combine to make the largest waterfall system in the world. A natural wonder.

3. La Plata, Buenos Aires

La Plata City

Just one hour from Buenos Aires, La Plata is renowned for its relaxed atmosphere, its many plazas and parks, and its lively music scene. Offers affordable housing and cost of living, which makes it a great option for those on a budget.

4. Capilla del Señor, Buenos Aires

Capilla Del Señor Bridge

A charming city that is filled with colonial architecture and friendly locals. Wander the streets of the historic district, or take in views of the surrounding scenery. Not an essential location, though visit if you have spare time.

5. San Antonio de Areco, Buenos Aires

San Antonio De Areco Park

Declared, in 2015, as the "National Capital of Tradition" - San Antonio de Areco is proud of its gaucho heritage and pre-colonial history. A place to stroll down narrow footpaths and look behind the remaining colonial footprint.