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Cafes in Istanbul

Are you looking for the best cafes in Istanbul to enjoy a delicious cup of Turkish coffee or tea? From cozy, traditional spots in the historic neighborhoods to trendy and modern cafes in trendy districts, Istanbul offers a diverse and vibrant cafe scene that caters to every taste. Whether you're a local looking for a new favorite spot or a tourist seeking a unique experience, Istanbul's cafes are sure to delight with their delicious beverages, tasty treats, and welcoming atmosphere. Ready to explore the best cafes in Istanbul? Keep reading to discover some must-visit coffee shops in this bustling city!

1. Müz Botanik & Kahve, Istanbul

Muz Botanik & Kahve Coffee

A botanical shop and café that serves as a haven in the city. Sells terrariums, succulents, and even botanic-themed jewellery. They also serve coffee, sandwiches, teas, and vanilla soda.

2. Kronotrop, Istanbul

Kronotrop Coffee

An Istanbul coffee staple - Kronotrop has a number of locations throughout the city. Expect specialty beans prepared using a variety of brewing methods. Sandwiches, smoothie bowls, and other light bites are available too.

3. Mandabatmaz, Istanbul

Mandabatmaz Sun

A quiet café located off Istiklal Caddesi's busy main street. The resident brewmaster has perfected the art of Turkish coffee. Expect a smooth, chocolatey blend - enjoyed alfresco whilst people watching.