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Arts & Culture in Istanbul

Welcome to the vibrant world of Arts & Culture in Istanbul! As a city rich in history and diversity, Istanbul offers a plethora of artistic and cultural experiences for visitors and residents alike. From world-renowned museums and galleries to traditional music and dance performances, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this dynamic city. Are you wondering where to find the best street art in Istanbul? Let us guide you to the most captivating and Instagram-worthy spots!

1. Galerist, Istanbul

Galerist Interior

A place where historical structures blend with contemporary artworks - combinations that create a unique Istanbul experience. The gallery, whilst exhibiting a number of large names, also has a reputation for nurturing new talent.

2. Borusan Contemporary, Istanbul

Borusan Contemporary Photos

Doubles as both an office for the Borusan Group and a gallery for their impressive art collection. Visitors can explore eight floors of multimedia art, with pieces by world-renowned artists like Sol Lewitt, Alan Rath, and more.

3. Elgiz Museum, Istanbul

Elgiz Museum Istanbul

Museum that pioneered the emergence of contemporary artwork in Istanbul. The resident collection was lovingly built, and is regularly rotated - showcasing works from renowned artists like Hiroshi Sugito, Cindy Sherman, and Sol Lewitt.

4. A La Turca House, Istanbul

A La Turca Design

A four-story exhibition of Ottoman antiques. The collection includes Arabic scrolls, Aegean water jugs, beautiful kilims, artwork, and more. Also, there are few places better to buy artisanal wool and cotton pieces.

5. Ataturk Cultural Center, Istanbul

Ataturk Cultural Centre

The Ataturk Cultural Center was built to champion Turkish culture and showcase it to the world. The space unites design artwork with performances through its opera hall, theater, gallery, and multi-purpose area.

6. Galeri Nev, Istanbul

Galeri Nev Art

One of Turkey's most respected art galleries, with a rich history dating back to the 1980s. Best known for showcasing the work of mid-century Turkish modernists, such as Nejad Devrim and Abidin Dino.

7. Santralistanbul, Istanbul

Santrallstanbul Architecture

Previously a coal-fired power plant, now converted into a university campus that combines an energy museum and a modern art center. The latter of the event venues has staged several noteworthy exhibitions. The complex also houses a café.

8. Dogancay Museum, Istanbul

Dogancay Museum Photos

One of turkey's first modern art galleries, Doğançay Museum hosts a portfolio of work by the multi-medium artist, Burhan Doğançay. The three-story building exhibits a range of figurative paintings, wall pieces, and photography.

9. Pera Museum, Istanbul

Pera Museum1

The Pera Museum hosts a range of classic artworks - from Orientalist paintings to Anatolian weights. The space is also an amazing nook for cinephiles who are looking for showings of obscure and independent films.

10. Arter, Istanbul

Arter Istanbul

A gallery in Istanbul that specializes in showing works by experimental artists. Has previously shown works by acclaimed artists such as Mona Hatoum and Mat Collishaw. Arter also blends exhibition with education and events.

11. The Museum Of Innocence, Istanbul

The Museum Of Innocence 2

Immersive museum that is based on Orhan Pamuk's novel of the same name. The museum, together with its totems, is a monument to a more modest era in Istanbul's history.

12. Oktem Aykut, Istanbul

Oktem And Aykut Stone

A collaborative space that offers a unique and affordable experience for art lovers. Located in a bustling area near Galata Tower. Look for the eye-catching signage above the doorway.

13. Salt Galata, Istanbul

Salt Galata Windows

Multipurpose art and exhibition space in a former bank building. Comprises a gallery, café, and library. Showcases Turkish furnishings and designs throughout, and the museum in the basement details the building's history.