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Sightseeing in Munich

Are you looking to experience the rich history and culture of Munich through sightseeing? From iconic landmarks like the Frauenkirche and Nymphenburg Palace to bustling marketplaces like Viktualienmarkt, Munich offers a plethora of attractions for visitors to explore. Join us as we uncover the top sightseeing destinations in this vibrant Bavarian city and experience everything it has to offer. Are you ready to immerse yourself in the beauty of Munich?

1. St. Michael's Church, Munich

Sankt Michael Kirche 2

The largest renaissance church north of the Alps. Dating back to 1579, the building has been lovingly restored twice but still retains many of its original features. The design had a significant influence on early Baroque architecture.

2. Sankt Quirin Platz, Munich

Sankt Quirin Platz - Escalators

A popular location among Munich's street photographers due to its avant-garde design. The U-Bahn station features a glass roof and was conceptualized to blend in with the surrounding nature.

3. Marienplatz, Munich

Marienplatz - View

Central plaza surrounded by some of the city's most famous landmarks - St. Peter's Church and the famous Frauenkirche. Serves as a hub for locals and visitors alike, and is also home to Munich's premier Christmas market come the winter.

4. Nymphenburg Palace, Munich

Schloss Nymphenburg - Exterior

Nymphenburg Palace is a grand Baroque estate that served as a summer residence for the former rulers of Bavaria. Since the dissolution of the German Monarchy, this location offers parklands, pavilions, and architectural interests.

5. Pagodenburg, Munich

Pagodenburg - Interior 2

Defunct teahouse erected in 1719 now serving as a point of interest in the Nymphenburg Palace gardens. The two-story pavilion features blue and white oriental decor. The interior is closed during winter months.

6. Frauenkirche, Munich

Frauenkirche - View

One of the most recognizable landmarks in Munich - its Gothic-style towers are visible throughout much of the city. Alongside being a center for community worship, the cathedral also functions as the seat of the region's Archbishop.

7. Asamkirche, Munich

Asamkirche Interior

Catholic church with a stark indoor-outdoor contrast. While impressive from the outside, the venue is most famous for its opulent, golf-leafed interior. The Baroque design is headlined by a gilded depiction of death.

8. Apollotempel, Munich

Apollotempel Lake

Historic pavilion on the edge of the lake at Nymphenburg Palace. Designed by Leo Von Klenze, this circular stand is a well-recognized landmark and acts as the perfect spot for walkers to take a waterfront rest.

9. Olympiapark, Munich

Olympiapark - View

Olympic Park in the Oberwiesenfeld neighborhood constructed for the 1972 summer games. The complex continues to serve the city as a venue for sporting, cultural, and religious events. Climb the park's tower for panoramic city views.