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Budget Lunch Spots in New York City

1. Fedoroff's Roast Pork, New York City

Fedoroff's Roast Pork - Food 1

Self-explanatory eatery - the place to go for South Philly sandwiches. Satisfy any roast pork, cheesesteak, or hoagie cravings. The space is compact and unpretentious - here, food is the focus.

2. Cheeky Sandwiches, New York City

Cheeky Sanwiches - Food 1

Super casual sandwich kitchen in a tiny storefront. An ideal spot for a quick bite. The menu is relatively compact but their buttermilk chicken is a reliable choice if decision paralysis hits. Coffee and tea are on offer too.

3. Cutlets Sandwich Co., New York City

Cutlets Sandwich Co. Food

New Yorkers have a thing for deli sandwiches - it's part of the city's culture. At Cutlet's, pick from 20 types of deli creations, and combine them with eight sandwich mains. Locations in Midtown, East Village, and Williamsburg.