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Standard Lunch Spots in New York City

1. JG Melon, New York City

Jg Melon Table

Green and white table cloths, cottage fries, cheeseburgers, and Bloody Mary's attract a local New York crowd. Cash only. Worth saying again, JG Melon is known for its burgers - start there, then branch out.

2. Ruby’s Café, New York City


Coffee and cuisine made with Australian culinary influence, and fresh local produce. Open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their Bronte Burger has generated a name for itself, though any dish hits the mark.

3. French Louie, New York City

French Louie - Food and drink

Creative French-American fare served in a sleek setting. Also a popular venue for weekend brunches. Try to grab a seat on the backyard patio. Equally as good for a meal among friends as it is for date night.

4. Jack's Wife Freda, New York City

Jack'S Wife Freda Food

Lively bistro with a unique, yet not intimidating, menu with a touch of Middle Eastern flair. Locations in Soho, West Village, Williamsburg, and Chelsea. Worth the wait - eat, then stay for drinks.

5. Rabbithole, New York City

Rabbithole Food

Brooklyn-based restaurant best known for its brunch menu. Rustic and super casual. Regardless of its brunch and lunch popularity, Rabbithole stays open into the night - so turn up whenever.

6. 12 Chairs Cafe, New York City

12 Chairs Table

12 Chairs started as a small neighborhood café, and has become a New York hot spot. Visit for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Coming here for group dinners can turn into a party. Enjoy food, drinks, and music - bar hop after.

7. Colonia Verde, New York City

Colonia Verde - Table

Cozy restaurant in Fort Greene specializing in Latin American food. The duck confit tacos are a menu highlight, but the brunch offerings are standout too. Visit for brunch, lunch, or dinner. Enjoy the rustic greenhouse aesthetic.

8. Shuka, New York City

Shuka - Plates of food

Eastern Mediterranean restaurant serving brunch, lunch, and dinner. Visit with friends and share dishes tapas style - from grilled kebabs and shawarma to shakshuka and pitta spreads. Enjoy drinks in the back garden too.

9. Two Hands, New York City

Two Hands

A community-focused café that strives to create nutritious, simple, and delicious food inspired by the Australian coastal lifestyle. Come for a quick breakfast, or stay and work. Locations throughout New York City.

10. Xilonen, New York City

plant based tacos

Vegan and vegetarian Mexican cafe serving coffee, colorful dishes, and beautiful cocktails on the corner of McCarren Park.

11. Spring Cafe Aspen, New York City

Spring Cafe

Organic, nourishing vegetarian foods with vegan and gluten-free options. Packaging is compostable, and the food is cooked on cookware that is free from aluminum and other harmful metals; the cafe is even built with non-toxic materials.

12. Cafe Colette, New York City

Cafe Colette - Table

Popular brunch venue but equally appropriate for a morning coffee or evening meal. Using locally-sourced ingredients, Colette's New American dishes take inspiration from world cuisines. Urban jungle meets vintage vibes.

13. Chavela's, New York City

Chavela' S Door

Energetic and lively, diners here feel as if they're in the heart of Mexico instead of Brooklyn, just as head chef and Mexico City native Arturo Leonar intended. Brunch is available weekends and weekdays, so you never have to miss out.

14. Reunion, New York City

Reunion - Plate of food

Israeli dishes served in a light-filled setting. The falafel hummus, Yemenite pancakes, and breakfast pita are great starting points for brunch eats. Explore the dinner menu if visiting later. Drinks aplenty - from coffee to cocktails.

15. Pig Beach, New York City

Pig Beach - Meat

Indoor-outdoor barbecue house located in Queens. Unpretentious and hearty eats - from smoked meats to grilled cuts and ample sides. The huge space can easily accommodate large groups. They also sell sauces and seasonings.

16. Gertie, New York City

Gertie - Bagel

Gertie's motto, "Good food every day," is an apt evaluation of the brunch eatery. Alongside serving fresh bagels, sandwiches, and other comfort foods, the venue supports its community as a non-profit kitchen by distributing meals.

17. Fairfax, New York City

Fairfax - Food and drink

All-day eatery with a small but impressive menu - the lunch-menu burger is often put in the discussion of being New York's best. Walk-ins are welcome but make a reservation ahead of time to secure the best indoor and outdoor tables.

18. Bobwhite Counter, New York City

Bobwhite Counter Food

Independent fried chicken eatery located within Manhattan's Alphabet City - a second branch exists across the Hudson in Jersey. Boasts a casual vibe. The spicy chicken sandwich comes highly recommended.

19. Edith's , New York City

Vegetarian sandwich

Small counter-service sandwich shop. Their frozen coffee has a cult following itself.

20. Nom Wah Tea Parlor, New York City

Nom Wah

Made-to-order dim sum and dumplings since 1920, housed within a vintage parlor. Busiest during lunch hours, but try here any time of day - they offer a good drinks menu too. As the name would suggest, try a premium tea.

21. Westville, New York City


Health-oriented American menu with an emphasis on vegetable dishes. Westville is a cozy place with a number of locations throughout New York. Operates using a market-style menu with a constant rotation of 20+ dishes.

22. Mercado Little Spain, New York City

a restaurant with a sign that says little spain

Lively food hall offering a taste of Spanish fare, with wood-fired paella and churros as highlights. Authentic flavors shine in expertly prepared dishes.