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Bars in Portland

Looking for the best bars in Portland to grab a drink and unwind? From cozy craft cocktail lounges to lively sports pubs, Portland has a diverse array of watering holes to suit every taste. Whether you're looking for a trendy rooftop bar with stunning views or a laid-back brewery serving up tasty local beers, Portland has something for everyone. Wondering where to find the best happy hour deals in Portland? Keep reading to discover the top spots to enjoy a drink in the City of Roses.

1. Expatriate, Portland

Cocktail bar

A perfect date night spot with unique cocktails and "elevated" bar food. They serve brunch as well.

2. Ecliptic Brewing, Portland

Ecliptic Brewing Waffle

The product of Oregon brewing legend John Harris' passion for astronomy and brewing. The modern brewpub produces experimental beers alongside age-old favorites. Grab a bite to eat too, with dishes made from seasonal ingredients.

3. Swan Dive, Portland

Disc Jockey turn tables

It's been described as a "Michelin Star Dive Bar". Swan Dive is a collaborative effort from a few of Portland's best tastemakers.