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Standard Dinner Spots in San Francisco

1. Farmhouse Kitchen Thai Cuisine, San Francisco

Farmhouse Kitchen Thai Cuisine Outdoor

Colorful Thai restaurant with colorful food to match. Serves street food classics and elevated interpretations of other staples - pad thai, curries, noodles, and so on. Visit any one of the three locations throughout the Bay Area.

2. Limón, San Francisco

Limon ceviche and cauliflower bites from above

Choice spot to enjoy traditional Peruvian food. Known for its rotisserie chicken and empanadas. Family-owned modern take on Peruvian cuisine with Latin and Asian influences.

3. Firenze By Night, San Francisco

Firenze By Night - Pasta

Old school Italian restaurant serving the usual ensemble of antipasti, pasta, grilled meats, and fish. The signature gnocchi is a solid foundation for any order. Family-run and a North Beach staple.

4. Cuisine of Nepal, San Francisco

Cuisine Of Nepal - Plates of food

Hearty spread of Nepalese and Indian food with a few Tibetan dishes sprinkled in. Visit hungry and order a surplus. The staff are super friendly and are happy to offer recommendations based on taste preferences.

5. Lavash, San Francisco

Lavash - Plates of food

One of the Bay's most respected Persian restaurants. Lavash it is a super inviting restaurant with food to match. The Koobideh skewer and the Kashk-e Bademjan are both recommended. Best to reserve ahead of time.

6. Causwells, San Francisco

Causwell's Food

Neighborhood American bistro with an award-winning cheeseburger - the "Americana." The crispy chicken sandwich is another standout. The menu, as a whole, spotlights local, seasonal ingredients. Friendly service and reliable food.

7. Del Popolo, San Francisco

Del Popolo - Pizzas

A change of pace from the casual pizza eateries in San Francisco, Del Popolo serves Neopolitan-style pizza made in a wood-fired oven. Also offers antipasti alongside a selection of wine and beers. Rustic-chic digs.

8. Caffè Macaroni, San Francisco

Caffè Macaroni - Pasta

Old-school Italian restaurant that's full of character. Great food and drinks, the quality is reflected in the price. Staff are super friendly, as are the owners. Best to reserve ahead of time, especially for the alfresco tables.

9. San Tung, San Francisco

San Tung - Fried chicken

Famed fried chicken spot and Chinese restaurant - San Tung's wings have made their way onto a host of "best in America" lists. Not into wings? The restaurant also serves handmade noodles, dumplings, and more.

10. B Star, San Francisco

B Star Brunch

Don't wait in the line at Burma Superstar when this place is down the street and just as good (same owners). Try the laska or cauliflower balls. The cocktails are sweet but enjoyable.

11. China Live, San Francisco

China Live - Plates of food

Celebrated restaurant venue that puts the cooking process on show. Eight specialized stations with bar seating showcase different Chinese dishes. Visit with friends and prepare for a lively dining experience.

12. Cellarmaker House of Pizza, San Francisco

Cellarmaker House Of Pizza - Pizza and drink

Detroit-style pizza from a San Francisco-based brewery. Grab one of Cellarmaker's brews or a guest beer, and indulge in some deep-dish pie made with fresh toppings. A quality food and drink combo.

13. Curio, San Francisco

Curio Desert

Modern yet laid back. Really good atmosphere and live music 🎶. Drinks are fun and service is friendly. Usually good for dinner, they also do a weekend tipsy brunch.

14. IPPUDO, San Francisco

IPPUDO - Plate of food

American iteration of the renowned international ramen kitchen. The bad news is that everyone and their mother knows this place and so queues are standard. The good news is that the food served makes the wait worthwhile.

15. The Anchovy Bar, San Francisco

The Anchovy Bar plate of broiled smoky date sambal butter oysters!

Great bar and restaurant focused on seafood and yes, they do serve anchovies. Cozy spot.