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Standard Dinner Spots in Berlin

Looking for a delicious dinner in Berlin without breaking the bank? Our guide to dining in Berlin features a curated selection of restaurants with prices ranging from $15 to $50 per person. Whether you're craving traditional German fare or exploring international cuisine, there's something for every palate and budget in this vibrant city. Hungry for a satisfying meal that won't empty your wallet? Join us as we uncover the best dining options in Berlin within the $15-$50 price range.

1. Chicago Williams BBQ, Berlin

Chicago Williams BBQ Table

American home style barbeque, with a focus on carefully prepared and smoked meat 🥩 and German craft beer 🍻.

2. Kuchi Kant, Berlin

Kuchi Sushi

Typically Asian fusion restaurants come bearing a red flag, but Kuchi knows how to not overextend itself and does simple dishes with high quality ingredients very well. Two locations, one on Kuchi Kant and Kuchi Mitte.

3. 3 Schwestern, Berlin

3 Schwestern - Meat

Unique restaurant hidden inside Künstlerhaus Bethanien, a former 1846 hospital. The refined, airy dining room offering seasonal South German-Austrian cuisine.

4. Klinke, Berlin

Klinke - Plates of food

Casual and modern restaurant in Kreuzberg that reimagines German childhood dishes in a tapas-style format. Bring a group of friends and order from all corners of the menu. Also, enjoy a solid selection of drinks.

5. Der Hahn Ist Tot!, Berlin


Cute little dinner spot right on Zionskirchplatz serving rural French and German cuisine. Though they only do a choice of two, weekly-changing 4 course meals, they do it very well.

6. UUU, Berlin

UUU - Plate of food

Upscale private dining space serving contemporary Chinese cuisine. Accommodating just nine people, the restaurant offers a tasting menu crafted from locally sourced produce with traditional tea pairings.

7. Schwiliko, Berlin

Schwiliko - Plates of food

Busy, family-run Georgian restaurant with a cozy ambiance. Well-frequented by the local community, this eatery serves traditional dishes such as khachapuri and lobio stew - book the "Supra" set menu for a choreographed experience.

8. New Arirang, Berlin

New Arirang Food

Yes it's a hole in the wall, no it won't show up in any tourist books, yes the food could be better, no it's not expensive, yes you will have a hangover, no you will not regret it. Highly recommended locals spot.

9. Kitten Deli, Berlin

Kitten Deli - Meal 1

Wonderful Israeli restaurant with a stunningly designed interior in a former bakery. Comfortable seating both inside and out, and a menu that deviates from the norm in a pleasant way.

10. Chicha, Berlin

Chicha Food

Super high quality fish with a frequently changing menu based on what's fresh. Nice outdoor seating - great for some pisco sours in the summer heat. A little on the pricey side.

11. Henne, Berlin

Henne Outdoor

Iconic restaurant which first opened its doors in 1908. Well-known for its 1/2 roasted chicken, which is traditionally served alongside potato salad, sauerkraut, and a slice of bread.

12. Trattoria del Corso, Berlin

Trattoria Del Corso - Plate of food

Wholesome Italian restaurant that has become a local favorite. Ideal for alfresco lunches and hearty dinners. Enjoy stone-baked pizzas, generous helpings of handmade pasta, and antipasti dishes. Cash only.

13. Vietnamese Restaurant Anjoy, Berlin

Vietnamese Restaurant Anjoy - Noodles

Vietnamese restaurant where traditional meets modern. Expect classic Asian flavors with some added flair - look no further than the "Flying Noodles" special. Occupies a prime position on a leafy street corner.

14. Feed Back, Berlin

Feed Back - Plates of food

Contemporary Chinese restaurant serving elevated takes on classic dishes. With a menu full of recognizable dishes - from Peking duck to wasabi king prawns - Feed Back prides itself on using only the best ingredients.

15. Funky Fisch, Berlin

Funky Fisch - Plates of food

Colorful seafood restaurant serving high-quality food in a contemporary environment. Dishes take inspiration from different world cuisines, and guests can even choose their catch at the eatery's fish counter.

16. Marktlokal, Berlin

Marktlokal - Food and drink

Fashionable restaurant focusing on regional cuisine made from seasonal produce. Visit on Saturdays for their highly-popular fish and chips special - book ahead to be safe. Also offers a large range of wines and beer.

17. Crazy Bastard Kitchen, Berlin

Crazy Bastard Kitchen Food

A unique concept with a weekly rotating menu featuring international favorites where unlimited chili sauce come in a variety flavors.

18. Fes, Berlin

Fes - Exterior

Berlin Turkish BBQ at its peak. Phenomenal. Reservation necessary. Worth a visit for meat eaters.

19. Frea, Berlin

Frea - Meal 1

Minimalistic and modern restaurant, serving vegan, organic food. Everything is prepared in a way to eliminate waste completely, optimizing for environmental impact.

20. Magic John's, Berlin

Magic John's Types of Pizza

Berlin did Neopolitan pizzas and Neopolitan pizzas only until recently. Now... Magic John's mixes in some New York and Detroit style 🍕. Both are good but the Detroit style feels like a bit more closer to truth.

21. Paolo Pinkel, Berlin

Paolo Pinkel Bar

Unique restaurant concept with Peruvian, Korean, Italian, and Cypriot food stands, serviced by a full bar with an upbeat lounge area. Great place to start before a night out in Neukölln.

22. Quasi Quasi, Berlin

Quasi Quasi

One of these classic restaurant-in-a-living-room Neukölln spots, but wow is the food worth coming here for. The menu appears simple but everything is fresh, delicious, and made with heart. Super friendly staff as well.