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Standard Dinner Spots in Lisbon

1. Damas, Lisbon

Damas Exterior

This bar, kitchen, and mini concert hall ticks all the right boxes: vibe ✔️, delicious food ✔️, super service ✔️. Expect remixed versions of traditional Portuguese staples, like grilled seafood, ceviche, and exciting tapas.

2. Taberna da Rua das Flores, Lisbon

Taberna Da Rua Das Flores - Plates of food

Located down a quiet one-way street away from the main tourist thoroughfare. A good place to experience the Portuguese tasca. Visit for classic tapas recipes at cheap prices. The restaurant also markets various artisanal products.

3. Sála de João Sá, Lisbon

Sála De João Sá - Plates of food

Relaxed-chic restaurant situated on a busy street in the Baixa district, close to the Lisbon Cathedral. The intimate, luminous space offers creative and contemporary Portuguese cuisine. Explore the extensive wine list too.

4. Clandestino, Lisbon

Clandestino - Food 1

Part of Lisbon's underground food network and one of many clandestine Chinese restaurants (hence the name). Tucked inside an unassuming apartment building. Portions are big and reasonably priced. Unpretentious dining.

5. By Koji, Lisbon

By Koji - Meal

Created by renowned chef Koji Yokomizo, the Santos neighborhood installation follows the success of two branches in São Paulo. With its sleek interiors and lengthy menu, by Koji is considered one of the best sushi restaurants in Lisbon.

6. A Provinciana, Lisbon

A Provinciana Exterior

Located behind Praça dos Restauradores, A Provinciana is an incredibly popular family-run restaurant. The food is simple and unpretentious, yet tasty. Busy on Saturday nights, so arrive early to secure a table.

7. Casa Nepalesa, Lisbon

Casa Nepalesa - Outdoor

Cozy and rustic restaurant pioneering Nepalese cuisine in Lisbon. Dishes feature chicken, vegetables, prawns, and ancestral spices - noted specialties include stewed goat in spicy sauce and traditional lamb curry.

8. Sacramento do Chiado, Lisbon

Sacramento Do Chiado - Food and wine

Mediterranean and Portuguese cuisine in an intimate setting near the Carmo Convent ruins. Entrée highlights include curried duck, grilled octopus, and queijada. The restaurant has an alfresco terrace for hot days.

9. Rebel Asian, Lisbon

Rebel Asian - Plate of food

Pan-Asian restaurant offering bao buns, nasi goreng, noodles, and spring rolls - all with a twist. Don't skip the cocktails either. The space itself boasts a hip, neon-infused aesthetic.

10. Taberna Anti Dantas, Lisbon

Taberna Anti Dantas - Seafood

Lively tavern with vintage, rustic interiors. Come for seafood favorites, such as tuna steak, fried octopus, codfish cakes, and fish soup served in a bread bowl. Try a shot of local port wine in a chocolate cup for dessert.

11. Come Prima, Lisbon

Come Prima - Meal

A romantic setting for Italian cuisine near the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga. Menu favorites include white truffle pasta and spinach lasagne. Make sure to book ahead when visiting on a weekend or holiday.

12. Boa-Bao, Lisbon

Boa-Bao - Food

Pan-Asian restaurant serving street food dishes and cold beers. Enjoy everything from Thai noodles and Vietnamese pho to Malay curries and Korean bao. Stick around for some signature cocktails afterward.

13. Kefi Greek Bistro, Lisbon

Kefi Greek Bistro - View from Inside

Greek fare in a stylish spot near Compo do Ourique. Expect traditional menu staples including a must-try moussaka and a stellar wine list. Best to order as many dishes as possible and share them with friends. Be prepared for queues.

14. Tasca Kome, Lisbon

Tasca Kome - Sushi

Izakaya-style tasca by Japanese expat Yuko Yamamoto serving homestyle cuisine made using local, organic vegetables and fish from the Azores. Find staples such as salmon sashimi, tonkatsu, and craft beer.

15. Restaurante Zanzibar, Lisbon

Restaurante Zanzibar - Plates of food

Bright restaurant serving Portuguese cuisine, including cozido à Portuguesa on Sundays - a traditional mixed meat boil. The airy setting also includes a terrace overlooking the river. Vegetarian options are available.

16. A Praça, Lisbon

A Praça Drink

Relaxed restaurant serving Portuguese classics like vegetable soup and octopus. Great drinks venue and the restaurant works hard to be as close to zero waste as possible.

17. Arkhe, Lisbon

Arkhe - Plate of food

Elevated vegetarian fare from a Portuguese-Brazilian chef trained in French and Italian cuisine. Choose from three, five, or seven courses. Visitors can also ask for vegan options and wine pairings, should they so wish.

18. Antiga Wine Bar, Lisbon

Antiga Wine Bar - Interior

Cozy wine bar and restaurant just three minutes from the Lisbon Cathedral. Pair any dish with a local wine recommendation from one of the in-store experts. Be warned: this is a popular venue, so it's best to book ahead.

19. Atalho Principe Real, Lisbon

Atalho Principe Real Design

Casual Lisbon steakhouse offering high-quality meats in a beautiful indoor-outdoor space. The restaurant's garden is ideal for an alfresco evening date.

20. Prado, Lisbon

Prado - Plate of food

Restaurant characterized by soaring ceilings and an industrial-chic aesthetic. Settled in a former fish factory, Prado provides a farm-to-table experience; with goat's cheese, fried bread, Iberico pork, and organic wine.

21. Tantura, Lisbon

Tantura - Food 1

The founders arrived to Lisbon from the port village of Tantura, from which their restaurant takes its name. This spot serves traditional Middle Eastern and Mediterranean fare in a welcoming and well-appointed environment.