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Lodging in Seoul

Are you planning a trip to Seoul and looking for the perfect place to stay? Look no further! Our guide to lodging in Seoul will help you navigate the city's vast array of hotels, guesthouses, and hostels to find the accommodation that suits your needs and budget. From luxury hotels in bustling downtown districts to cozy guesthouses tucked away in traditional neighborhoods, Seoul has something for everyone. Need help deciding between a hanok stay or a modern hotel? We've got you covered.

1. The Plaza, Seoul

The Plaza Bedroom

Operating under the Marriott umbrella. This five-star hotel's main selling point is its central location. Other highlights include modern rooms with views, four restaurants, and a swimming pool. A proven, if uninspiring, experience.

2. The Shilla, Seoul

The Shilla Exterior

The Shilla is a luxury hotel with a complete roster of amenities - a central location, modern and stylish rooms, multiple restaurants with various cuisines, a fabulous pool, and a beautiful spa.

3. Hotel Cappuccino, Seoul

Hotel Cappuccino Bedroom

Hotel Cappuccino is a hotel located in the high-end Gangnam neighborhood. The rooms are stylish and modern, and the hotel offers breakfast every morning. Key note: don't miss the rooftop bar with views overlooking the city.

4. Small House Big Door, Seoul

Small House Big Door Bed

Small House Big Door features rooms the lean heavily into minimalistic interior design. A few additional amenities can be enjoyed during a stay - such as free coffee, and onsite access to a popular café serving western style food.

5. Glad Hotel, Seoul

Glad Hotel Night

This modern, stylish hotel is located in the financial district and is very popular with business travelers. Onsite amenities include a gym facility, a casual restaurant, a bar, a Japanese fine-dining venue, and a terrace.

6. Handpicked Hotel & Collections, Seoul

Handpicked Hotel & Collections Bedroom

Handpicked Hotel offers simple, modern rooms in the Sang-Do Dong neighborhood - a calm residential area of Seoul that can be found in the center of the city. Amenities include a modern Korean restaurant and a casual café.

7. Rakkojae Seoul Main Hanok, Seoul

Hanok' Villages Design

Skip the western style hotels and opt for a stay in a traditional Korean hanok (house). Staying at Rakkojae Seoul is the perfect immersive Korean experience - from delicious Korean breakfasts, to a traditional room.