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Arts & Culture in Seoul

Welcome to Seoul, a vibrant city known for its rich arts and culture scene. From traditional Korean performances to modern art galleries, Seoul offers a diverse range of cultural experiences for visitors to enjoy. Are you wondering where to catch a traditional Korean music performance in Seoul? Look no further, as we guide you through the best cultural attractions the city has to offer.

1. Kyung-In Museum of Fine Art, Seoul

Kyung-In Museum of Fine Art - Garden

Small museum showcasing traditional Korean artworks and crafts. The venue also serves as a communal space for artists to meet and interact. The little coffee and tea café within the gallery's plant-rich courtyard is another draw.

2. Arthouse Momo, Seoul

Arthouse Momo Window

This movie theater, located in the middle of a university campus, shows indie films and documentaries. Arthouse Momo shows both international and Korean films, and often hosts film festivals.

3. Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul

Culture Station Seoul 284 Front

Once the site of a train station that was partially destroyed during the Korean War, this building has since been restored as a cultural center and art space. Details from the train station remain, and they host various exhibits inside.

4. Seoul Arts Center, Seoul

Seoul Arts Center Exterior

Multipurpose art space headlined by a music hall and opera house - both host a variety of performances throughout the calendar year. The complex also contains a trio of museums and other leisure spaces.

5. National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Seoul, Seoul

National Museum Of Modern And Contemporary Art - Figures

The MMCA has four locations across Seoul, each with its own artistic specialty. The "Seoul" branch, adjacent to Gyeongbokgung Palace, is the most popular and focuses on Korea's integration of modern and contemporary art.

6. Memorial of 3.1 Independence Declaration, Seoul

Declaration Of Independence Park

Seodaemun Independence Park harbors a monument dedicated to Korean independence from Japan - a great place to learn a bit about modern Korean history while enjoying the surrounding nature.

7. PKM Gallery, Seoul

Pkm Light

Showcasing contemporary art since it opened in 2001. The gallery displays works of Korean and international artists who reflect current trends in art.

8. Seoul Museum of History, Seoul

Seoul Museum Of History Museum

This museum traces the history of Seoul from its origins to the modern day. It can, for many, offer fresh perspective on the city's long history - a worthy stop for sightseers wanting to better understand their surroundings.

9. Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

Seoul Museum Of Art Corner

This museum now has several locations and features a variety of exhibits. All artistic styles and mediums are presented - from historical works, to those of contemporary and experimental conception. Also, enjoy workshops and performances.

10. Hakgojae, Seoul

Hakgojae Gallery

Hakgojae sees itself as a bridge between past and present, and between Korea and the rest of the world. The gallery is relatively small, housed within a traditional Korean hanok. Contemporary art by emerging artists is common.

11. SongEun Art and Cultural Foundation, Seoul

Songeun Artspace - Interior

SongEun Art and Cultural Foundation fosters a mission to support emerging artists. Housed within a building of architectural significance, the foundation continues to broaden the exposure of contemporary Korean artists.

12. Kukje Gallery, Seoul

Kukje Gallery Interior

Contemporary art gallery hosting exhibits from established foreign and local artists. Located near the Gyeongbokgung Palace. Check the website to stay up to date with current exhibits and featured creators.

13. Arario Museum, Seoul

Arario Museum Sculptures

Arraio is a maze-like contemporary art museum. At times it can be a bit eerie and spooky, but this makes for an more immersive visit. Alongside its extensive collection of art, the Arario's 1970s architecture garners interest.

14. War Memorial of Korea, Seoul

War Memorial Of Korea Design

A museum dedicated to historic education - not just about the Korean War of the 1950s, but also the many wars throughout Korea's history. Outside, the museum displays a number of tanks, planes, and historic weapon exhibitions.

15. Gana Art Center, Seoul

Gana Art Center Exhibition

Gana Art Center was one of Seoul's first contemporary art galleries. Today there is a mix of modern and contemporary art from local and international artists. The gallery also nurtures domestic creators as they break onto the scene.

16. Arumjigi Culture Keepers Foundation, Seoul

Arumjigi Culture Keepers Foundation Design

Striving to keep traditional Korean culture alive, this foundation dedicates exhibitions to Korean heritage, food, and traditions. Check the organisation's website for its lecture and events schedule. There is also an art shop on site.

17. Leeum Museum of Art, Seoul

Leeum Museum of Art Sky

The Leeum Museum of Art is an exhibition space split between two buildings. Museum 1 showcases traditional Korean works while Museum 2 displays international contemporary pieces. One of the city's best creative complexes.

18. Art Sonje Center, Seoul

Art Sonje Center Sculptures

This contemporary art museum often showcases new artists and interesting mediums, often discussing social issues through the art. The venue also hosts different events, so be sure to check the website to see what's happening.

19. National Museum of Korean Contemporary History, Seoul

National Museum Of Korean Contemporary History Mountain

A museum dedicated to the recent history of Korea - a reminder of hardships the country faced throughout the 20th century. A worthy visit for education and enlightenment - views from the rooftop garden proves popular too.