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Lodging in Stockholm

Are you looking for the perfect place to stay in Stockholm, Sweden? Look no further! From luxury hotels to cozy bed and breakfasts, Stockholm offers a wide range of lodging options for every budget and preference. Whether you want to stay in the heart of the city or prefer a more secluded spot, there is a accommodation option for you in Stockholm. Looking for affordable lodging in Stockholm? Read on to discover the best budget-friendly options in this vibrant Scandinavian city.

1. Hobo, Stockholm

Hobo Bed

Hobo has a more youthful energy than other nearby hotels. Rooms are chic, functional, and include a peg board wall dotted with 'tools' guests can borrow. Other amenities include a restaurant, two bars, and a weekend club.

2. Ett Hem, Stockholm

Ett Hem Bedroom

Ett Hem is a luxury hotel located a bit outside of central Stockholm. Guests that manage to book one of the twelve rooms will feel as if they have stepped into a home design magazine. There's even a hammam for guests to enjoy.

3. Blique By Nobis, Stockholm

Blique By Nobis Room

Blique By Nobis is a four-star hotel offering ultra-industrial rooms of differing sizes - from sleek bedrooms to more comprehensive, long-stay suites. The venue also includes two restaurants, a rooftop terrace, and a bar.

4. Nobis Hotel, Stockholm

Nobis Hotel - Rest Area

Nobis Hotel offers spacious, warm, and luxurious rooms with a line-up of amenities. Restaurants include a more casual bistro and an upscale European restaurant, plus a stylish cocktail bar.

5. Berns Hotel, Stockholm

Berns Hotel Front

The Berns Hotel, a historic boutique, is equally famous as a music venue and nightclub. The hotel itself boasts 81 rooms, an opulent dining hall, leisure facilities, and a rooftop bar. Book a stay, or at the very least, visit to party.

6. Bank Hotel, Stockholm

Bank Hotel - Interior

An grand transformation from its former life, Stockholm's Bank Hotel offers upscale lodging in the commercial area of Norrmalm - walkable distance from many landmarks. On-site amenities include a plush restaurant and a pair of classy bars.

7. Hotel At Six, Stockholm

Hotel At Six Room

Hotel At Six is an upscale venue that showcases contemporary artwork and minimalist design themes. Alongside chic rooms, the hotel also has a restaurant, cocktail bar, and a rooftop terrace - an all-in-one experience.