Bars in Stockholm

1. Folii, Stockholm

Folii Plate

Folii is a charming wine bar with an extensive wine list. There are many wines by the glass, making it possible to try a few in one sitting. Small snacks along with charcuterie and cheese boards are available.

2. Tyge & Sessil, Stockholm

Tyge & Sessil - Glasses of wine

Celebrated wine bar that stocks a large collection of bottles from small and independent producers. Tyge & Sessil also offers a menu of sophisticated small plates for its hungry guests. A trifecta of atmosphere, service, and quality.

3. A Bar Called Gemma, Stockholm

A Bar Called Gemma Cocktail

A Bar Called Gemma is consistently praised by casual drinkers and critics alike. Here, the process of cocktail making is taken seriously, but the atmosphere remains very much laid-back. Light dishes can be ordered too.