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Activities in Stockholm

Are you looking for exciting activities to do in Stockholm? Look no further! From exploring the historic landmarks of Gamla Stan to sailing through the archipelago, the Swedish capital offers a wide range of activities for every type of traveler. Whether you're interested in cultural experiences, outdoor adventures, or simply relaxing in a cozy café, Stockholm has something for everyone. Curious about the best places to visit in Stockholm? Keep reading to discover the top activities in this vibrant city.

1. Indio Studios, Stockholm

Bio Rio Interior

Indio Studios is a small movie theater that champions indie and global features. The venue also boasts an adjoining eatery that serves Japanese food with Peruvian influences. Come for the arthouse films, linger for the food and drink.

2. Avicii Arena, Stockholm

Avicii Arena

The largest sphere-shaped building in the world. An architectural intrigue, the venue also hosts various events - from sports matches to concerts and performances. Visitors can also take the "Skyview" elevator to the top of the sphere.

3. Sturebadet, Stockholm

Sturebadet - Pool

Sturebadet is an excellent choice for a good value spa day. The facility offers a stunning pool, sauna, hammam, and massages. The on-site restaurant serves delicious lunch to complete the experience.

4. Njuta Spa, Stockholm

Njuta Spa - Exterior 1

Njuta Spa offers relaxation and leisure outside of the city center. Opt for a massage session, soak in jacuzzis that overlook the surrounding archipelago, or cleanse in the facility's sauna. A taste of Nordic comfort.

5. Dramaten, Stockholm

Dramaten 1

A renowned national stage that showcases some of the country's finest spoken drama performances. Around 1000 events take place each year. The venue, built in 1908, is also a sightseeing locale for its Art Nouveau design.