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Lunch Spots in Tokyo

Looking for the best lunch spots in Tokyo? Look no further! Discover an array of delicious dining options in the bustling city of Tokyo, from traditional ramen shops to trendy izakayas. Want to know where to find the best sushi in Tokyo for lunch? Keep reading to find out!

1. Yanmo, Tokyo

Yanmo - Plate of food

Popular restaurant specializing in fresh fish. Lunchtime offers bring a crowd of locals, making dinner a great option for those seeking a quieter experience. The prix fixe menus offer a great selection of dishes.

2. Tofu-ya Ukai, Tokyo

Tofu-ya Ukai - Plate of food 1

Creative tofu restaurant in a traditional setting. Surrounded by beautiful gardens and a Koi pond, the restaurant provides an experience rather than just a meal. Meat and seafood do appear throughout the kaiseki (a multi-course meal).

3. Arms Burger, Tokyo

Arms Burger Burger

Their menu features a variety of options to suit every taste, including their signature Arms Burger that is made with a secret sauce. Another direction - try the Tokyo burger which is topped with teriyaki sauce and avocado.

4. Higashiya Ginza, Tokyo

Higashiya Ginza Food

Traditional meets modern at this Tea, tableware, and confectionary venue. The concept sounds niche, but in practice, customers enter for some tea and light bites, buy some wagashi, and often leave with a serving plate or two.