Lunch Spots in Mexico City

Looking for a delicious spot to grab lunch in Mexico City? With its vibrant culinary scene and diverse range of flavors, the capital city is a food lover's paradise. From traditional Mexican fare to globally-inspired dishes, there are plenty of options to satisfy your cravings. Are you curious about the best tacos in Mexico City? Keep reading to discover the top lunch spots in this dynamic metropolis.

1. La Casa de Toño, Mexico City

La Casa de Toño Food

It doesn't get much better than this in terms food-to-price ratio. A local go-to for Mexican classics, La Casa de Toño is best-loved for its pozoles - a pork stew, which, legend has it, can cure pretty much any grievance.

2. El Hidalguense, Mexico City

El Hidalguense Burito

Restaurant named after the state in which mutton is roasted for barbacoa - El Hidalguense actually transit their sheep and goat in overnight from Hidalgo. Draws crowds and can definitely get busy, but the wait is arguably worth it.

3. Azul Condesa, Mexico City

Azul condesa Interior

Azul Condesa serves up the perfect mix of fine dining with a casual, relaxed vibe. Prepare for your curious palate to go on a Mexican culinary adventure, complete with staff who are generous with the stories behind each of the dishes.

4. Puerto Prendes, Mexico City

Puerto Prendes Interior

A child of the Bellinghausen family, Puerto Prendes lives in a gorgeously reimagined colonial mansion. The menu is big on traditional Mexican seafood dishes, and the ambience is unmatched. Great for a celebratory night out 🥂.

5. Casa Narvarte, Mexico City

Casa Narvarte Plate

Restaurant within the up-and-coming Navarte Poniente neigborhood offering a mix of both Italian and Mexican cuisines. A popular spot to quell any pizza and pasta cravings.

6. Molino el Pujol, Mexico City

Molino El Pujol Entrance

Classic meets creative with innovative twists on simple dishes. Mostly vegetarian, dishes have tasting menu presentation yet keep the tortilleria feel.

7. Tetetlán, Mexico City

Tetetlán Breakfast

Tetetlán specialises in impressing - from its notable architecture, to the creative meals it serves. Expect well-presented Mexican dishes with touches of contemporary innovation. The food is served via an open kitchen.

8. El Pescadito, Mexico City

El Pescadito Taco

Deep-fried seafood worthy of standing in a queue for. This is the local go-to for fresh seafood tacos - think prawn and smoked marlin, with a must-order side of batter-fried jalapeño peppers stuffed with cheese.

9. El Greco, Mexico City

El Greco Exterior

El Greco offers a window into the influence of Lebanese immigrants who introduced spit-style roasting. Get the tacos “doneraky” on pan arabe, which is similar to pita bread.

10. El 123, Mexico City

El 123 - Food and drink

Food, shop, and gallery. Cafe 123 is a triple-threat venue founded on the philosophy of good food, good design, and good products. Fill up on Asian-fusion dishes, then browse the artworks and artisanal store.

11. Contramar, Mexico City

Contramar Interior

They do all things fish, and they do it well. You'll probably gravitate towards the fish tacos, but we urge you to try any one of the unique dishes prepared by the chefs. Love how they're reimagining the ordinary.

12. Eat Mexico Culinary Tours, Mexico City

Eat mexico food tour Meal

The Eat Mexico Culinary Tours are renowned for curating the best food experiences that the city has to offer. Eat like a local, and get to know Mexican food on a more intimate level.

13. Lardo (Mexico City), Mexico City

Lardo Menu

Fusion fare with a distinctly European feel. Perfect for a relaxed brunch, lunch, or drinks any time of the day, with a focus on baked goods.

14. Expendio de Maiz Sin Nombre, Mexico City

Expendio de Maiz Sin Nombre Food

Unique in that there's no menu - diners are served what the chef finds daily at the local market. Restaurant and kitchen feature a wood-fired comal, stacks of well-worn clay pots and baskets of fruit. Heavy focus on the tortilla.